Сергей Господчиков


Section Curator: Sergey Gospodchikov

The world is accelerating. The environment is getting more complicated and is changing faster and faster. Users are becoming more demanding.

Waterfall development model has got outdated? Will Agile save us? What is Agile? What is Scrum? What is LeSS? What is Kanban? What to choose? What does it mean to be flexible? What practices we are to apply in the development to give the user more value earlier than others? How to scale the development with the growth of the product?

We will try to answer these and other questions. Our section is a meeting place with experts and common specialists. Here you can get some advice and new ideas. Look into the future. It will not be boring!

About the Curator:

45 years old. Ulyanovsk. Scrum master at MTS Cashbox (Litebox). Master of Business Administration (MBA), Professional Scrum Master (PSM I, PSM II), Professional Product Owner (PSPO I), Certified LeSS Practitioner (CLP).







Backend is the main component of a service or an application that the user does not work with directly. The Backend section will be useful for specific programmers who are interested in such topics as:

  • Databases
  • Highload
  • Architecture Design
  • Up-to-date programming practices

This year we have improved the education part of the section. The program’s got more balanced. At the Backend section specialists of all levels will gain knowledge that is practically applicable in real projects.


Александр Погорелов


Section Curator: Alexander Pogorelov

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages at the moment. Like any other language, it carries a certain philosophy and historical aspects. In recent years, JS has become applicable for solving completely different tasks. It is used to write services (servers), mobile web and desktop applications. It is is also applicable for microcontrollers programming and machine learning, etc.

At the section, we will talk about current technologies used to develop web and mobile applications, as well as about the development of the ecosystem as a whole. We will cover the following topics: JS code optimization, popular JS frameworks and vectors for the further development of web technologies in general.

The section will help the beginners to find the direction of development and the choice of the appealing technology for further study. For experienced developers, this is a good opportunity to refresh your knowledge, communicate with like-minded people and discuss trends in the world of frontend.

Section Curator:

Alexander Pogorelov, the Head of the frontend group and layout in ZeBrains. For the company, has been developing websites and web applications using a modern stack of technologies: React.js, Redux, TypeScript, Webpack, and others. Cuppently responsible for a team of 13 people. The team develops web applications on Vue.js, React.js and makes the layouts. We create new products and support existing projects with a large code base.






DevOps is a set of techniques that can be used to automate processes between development and other IT professionals teams so that they can build, test, and release software more quickly and reliably.

Recently, DevOps began to play almost the main role in the development and maintenance of projects. Process automation massively reduces the time for various operations.

At the section meeting, we will talk about the methods of implementing DevOps techniques in the workflow and the practical use of the tools. We will analyze successful and failed cases of automation of development processes.

This section is designed for those who are not indifferent to the concepts of Continuous Delivery and Configuration Management.


Дмитрий Петерсон


Section Curator: Dmitry Peterson

Hello! I am Dmitry Peterson, Director at mobile.Simbirsoft. We have been developing mobile applications for more than 10 years and we are included in the leading group of companies according to many specialized ratings.

The market of mobile applications and its profit are growing from year to year. It is a huge industry now, and its growth will not stop. Our works take prizes in competitions, because we know how to make applications convenient, useful and competitive.

We want to share our experiences on how to make high-quality mobile applications. We divided the reports of the section according to the degree of complexity and focused them on different levels of development skills.

The beginner mobile developers will learn about the basic tools and ways to work with them. We will show what architectures are used in projects; their pros and cons, what features you should pay attention to at the beginning of your professional development. These reports will also be of interest to developers of other areas who are interested in the mobile sphere. Experienced developers will be offered the reports on the ways to solve non-trivial tasks.

The speakers will talk about problems that may arise when choosing the wrong ways to solve them. At the same time, we will pay special attention to new technologies and modern practices in the development of mobile applications.

As part of the discussion club, technical experts from well-known mobile development companies will review current trends, and tell about the main points that should be noted in the practice of mobile development. The viewers will be able to ask questions to the invited experts.

Questions and suggestions on the section can be sent here:





Родион Скрябин?


Section Curator: Rodion Scriabin

Content is everything. No content - no us. If in 2019 you don’t make content, then something has gone wrong.

Business, media, platforms - they all live at the expense of content. We will bring representatives from each area - they will tell about their pains, problems, achievements and findings.

About the Curator:

31 years old, Moscow. Since 2017 - Lifehacker Development Director, co-organizer of MEH media meetings. The leader of the media industry in Russia (rating "A") according to Odgers Berndtson.



Николай Фетюхин


Section Curator: Nikolay Fetyukhin

The Digital Transformation section is dedicated to the changes in business occurring under the pressure of IT. We will discuss how marketing, product, consumer, workforce formats, as well as culture and, as a result, the whole society are changing.

We will consider those elements of digital transformation that are directly related to business.

First, for many corporations, this is the main trend and hype theme, on the basis of which they design their development strategies. Large companies quickly create new key positions (for example, CDO - Chief Digital Officer), bet on digitization, transformation, omni-channelling, client-centricity, innovations - and other fashionable terms related to the phenomenon of digital business transformation.

Secondly, this phenomenon is still insufficiently covered in relevant discussions at various conferences. There is much talk about futurology, state and society, but not much about business and the reasons why digitization will become its driver.

That is why at the Section we will consider such topics as:

Digital Transformation Strategies in Business;

Marketing in the era of digital transformation;

Cryptocurrencies and other forms of investment in the digital space;

Remote work and mobility of employees;

And many other business topics related to digital transformation that section participants will offer!

There will be a lot of cases in our section, both Russian and international, but made by our compatriots. Pay attention to the speakers - all of them are digital revolutionaries!

Have questions? Just email me:





Section Curator: Tatiana Kryuchkova

SEO is necessary for everyone, just not everyone knows about it. Search engines are the main provider of targeted traffic to the site. In this section we will deal with the ways to work with them.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a marketer, an owner of a web-studio or a blogger, an aspiring specialist (young padawan of SEO-science), or even a seasoned SEO manager, your participation is necessary.

The speakers of the section are the founders and leading specialists of the companies that tamed the search and will teach you how to do it. They will share their experience and non-standard solutions in Russian and English language segments of search marketing. You will hear cool cases and hot reports from industry leaders, lively discussions and practical recommendations.

New knowledge of new sways and trends will help to create your own SEO strategy, to improve the site search position, increase traffic and conversion.

SEO.RU is the program partner of the section.





Павел Безяев


Section curator: Pavel Bezyaev

Today, the world is changing so rapidly that classical approaches to learning and development are no longer sufficient. Professional competencies change faster than we create training programs for them. Digital world requires digital learning approaches. Mobile technologies, artificial intelligence, AR / VR, online communities are only a small part of the tools that are used today for employees development in advanced companies. Within our section, we will consider the most up-to-date approaches in the field of digital technologies in education, and most importantly, we will give an opportunity for those who know how to teach in a new way to meet those who can develop the most effective tools for this.

You have a unique opportunity to not only learn how you can and need to develop in the new world, but to become one of those who influences the formation of this unique industry today .

Who is this section for?

HR specialists

Educators (companies and universities)

Specialists in distance learning technologies

Online Learning Providers

IT company owners and IT developers

Everyone who is looking for ideas for startups

Section Curator:

Head of Knowledge Management, Gazprom Neft PJSC

Founder and leader of the most effective professional community in the field of new learning technologies - Digital Learning (@npsonline)

Key expertise: digital learning, elearning, knowledge management, community management



Лидеры IT-сообществ

Stachka.IT Communities

Section Curator: Valery Kostin

Good day! My name is Valery Kostin, I am the Head of the Information Technology Development Association and the Information Technology Development Fund of the Ulyanovsk Region. Since 2008, IT movement has been actively developing in Ulyanovsk. Together we managed to create the largest IT community in Russia. This year at Stachka we are opening a platform for the exchange of experience for all regions - the Congress of Leaders of Informal IT Communities of Russia.

We will discuss:

how to create or develop an influential professional community within the region;

what tasks can be solved with its help;

how to work with personnel and fight personnel gap in the regions.

You can share your experience with the IT-community and get acquainted with the best practices, meet representatives of IT-communities from all over Russia, establish professional contacts.

My contacts for any questions:


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