Section Curator: Dmitry Peterson

Hello! I am Dmitry Peterson, Director at mobile.Simbirsoft. We have been developing mobile applications for more than 10 years and we are included in the leading group of companies according to many specialized ratings.

The market of mobile applications and its profit are growing from year to year. It is a huge industry now, and its growth will not stop. Our works take prizes in competitions, because we know how to make applications convenient, useful and competitive.

We want to share our experiences on how to make high-quality mobile applications. We divided the reports of the section according to the degree of complexity and focused them on different levels of development skills.

The beginner mobile developers will learn about the basic tools and ways to work with them. We will show what architectures are used in projects; their pros and cons, what features you should pay attention to at the beginning of your professional development. These reports will also be of interest to developers of other areas who are interested in the mobile sphere. Experienced developers will be offered the reports on the ways to solve non-trivial tasks.

The speakers will talk about problems that may arise when choosing the wrong ways to solve them. At the same time, we will pay special attention to new technologies and modern practices in the development of mobile applications.

As part of the discussion club, technical experts from well-known mobile development companies will review current trends, and tell about the main points that should be noted in the practice of mobile development. The viewers will be able to ask questions to the invited experts.

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