Deadline или прокрастинация по Станиславскому


— redline / deadline - описание основной темы;

— проблема (ошибки в тайм-менеджменте): типы, вариативность влияния на проект, наиболее распространенные примеры;

— решение - алгоритм реализации по Cтаниславскому.

About speaker

I am a founder of Good Grass Creative Corner Studio with significant international experience. My passion is a creation of new forms and senses in visual space, building the bridge between visible and invisible which is practiced for a long time. I am working on a variety type of projects from illustrative forms to full art direction and graphic design solutions. I offer a quality service of illustration art and personalized support in a creation of media history.


graphic design / brand development / industrial design

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