Information for participants

We have compiled for you answers to the questions that are most frequently asked by participants in Stachka. Here is the information you may find useful during the Conference.


On April 26, reports will be heard from 11.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.

On April 27, reports will be heard from 10.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

Check-in will be open for two days, starting from April 26, 09.00 a.m.


The Conference will be held at Lenin Memorial located at 1, Lenin’s 100 th Anniversary Square, Ulyanovsk, Russia.

How to get there

Q: How to get there by car?

A: Coordinates of the Lenin Memorial for GPS: 54.3200° N, 48.4057° E. Parking is free.

Q: How to get there by plane, by train or by bus?

A: We have compiled possible routes for you to get to Ulyanovsk by surface transport and by air from various cities on April 13. See Accommodation section. Feel free to choose.


Q: What documents are required for check-in?

A: Any proof of identity. You may also need your e-ticket.

Q: Is it required to print out tickets?

A: No, you are admitted if you are on the list. You don’t need to print tickets.

Q: What should I do when there is an error in my name or company’s name on my badge?

A: Come to the check-in counter and request them to correct the database as appropriate and reissue your badge.

Q: How can I check in if I am late?

A: Check-in will be open all the time (during the two days), so you will be processed in any case.

Directions inside the Lenin Memorial

The Lenin Memorial is a public museum with a unique exposition dedicated to Soviet history. About 70% of the exhibits are true evidence of Vladimir Lenin’s life. There is quite a lot for you to see during breaks.

The Memorial is a huge structure where it can be very difficult to find directions. We will support you to make it easier:

  • firstly, there will be floor plans and signs everywhere;
  • secondly, you can ask any of the organizers for assistance;
  • and, finally, there will be volunteers in the Lenin Memorial during all days of Stachka who will do their best to help.

The Information Desk is located on the first floor. It will be provided with decorations and signboard to make it easy to find. At the Information Desk, you can get help with documents, tickets and other issues.

Cloak rooms are located on the first floor in front of the main entrance.


Q: When the closing documents will be available?

A: We will issue the closing documents (originals of Offer Invoice and Acceptance Certificate) during the Conference in the Information/Check-in area.

Q: Do you provide participation letters?

A: Yes, we do. The letters will be available during the Conference. To get a letter, leave your request at Information/Check-in desk. Be ready to provide your name and ticket number.