For Speakers

How to become a speaker

To submit the abstract of your report you are required to register at the site and click the button SUBMIT REPORT below. The information about your report will appear at Voting page after moderation.

If your report is gaining enough votes, the Program Committee accepts it to the major program and places it to the Reports page. You will be notified about every decision by email.

All abstracts are carefully considered by subpanel curators who get in touch with the speakers to discuss and confirm the speech topics. The final decision on the report acceptance is taken by the Program Committee responsible for the quality of speeches. The members of the Program Committee are broad-minded people with expertise in the topic of their subpanel and well aware of the conference objectives. This fact allows us to shape coherent and balanced program, which meets the demands of the participants and partner companies.


The requirements to the speakers and their reports are given below. Compliance to these requirements provides high quality of the reports and master classes that we are proud of.

  • The expert should have experience of at least three public speeches proved by the links to conference programs or videos.
  • It is highly advisable that your report should be authentic and never been delivered before.
  • We are all against any advertisement of the company or its products in the reports of our experts.
  • Be prepared to provide a brief story about yourself, your abstract and presentation in advance.

Benefits for speakers at Stachka

  • Speech experience at the largest specialized conference with the number of participants equaling to that at RIF+CIB and twice as much as at Highload++.
  • Attention of a large local segment of professional stakeholders.
  • Unique atmosphere, which cannot be found at any other event of this kind. Every year Stachka takes place on the premises and in the atmosphere of the museum of Communism and Soviet History.
  • Free admittance to the exclusive Afterparty.

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