Andrey Kubyshin
CTO @ PoldenFX Creative Agency

Media technologies in business promotion


  • How can clients promote themselves and their products using media technologies and non-standard concepts.
  • Real cases - how it works.
  • Interactive with the use of multimedia technology – you can try it yourself.
About speaker

Andrey Kubyshin

CTO @ PoldenFX Creative Agency

Andrey is Chief Technology Officer at PoldenFX Studio.

The Studio creates visual effects for cinema and television.
It possesses wide experience of providing a wide range of solutions, from character animation and gas dynamics to crowd cloning and fine post-correction of makeup.
A number of original techniques are applied in the workflow that are based on a combined use of breadboard models, camera elements and computer graphics.
Working on a project, the team in involved at all stages of production: development of animatic and photoscript during preparation period, on-site supervising during filming, as well as operational teamwork with the customer during project finalization stage.
Among the Studio's works are:
"One Love per Million"
"Dumb Fat Hare"
"New Year Rate"
"Bear Hunt"
"Mika and Alfred"
"Day Watch"
"Rock Climber"


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