Ivan Kuksin

CTO @ Blue Ant Web Bureau


In 2010 graduated from the MAI with the major of Rocket Science. In 2009-2011 - the General Director of the Ost-Media agency, where he successfully carried out projects for such companies as OPIN, Basel, RDI, Alan-auto.

In 2010 created his own company Blue Ant with a profile specialization on packaging property objects in digital environment. The largest players in the construction market have been among the clients of the company within 7 years: B2B Development, Ego Eurogroup, Est-a-tet, IKEA SCR, Etalon-Invest, FSC Leader, Flat & Co, NDV-real estate, RDI, RED development, Sminex, Stone Hedge, UK MSK, SDI, Rezidential group and many others. In 2017 Blue Ant Web Bureau won DA!Fest 2017, the contest in architecture visualization.
Expert in design and development of sites for real estate, Internet marketing of real estate, conversion of sites for real estate developers items.


  1. Business breakfast ‘Digital-marketing in real estate’, presentation on interface and marketing solutions that help to increase the efficiency and conversion of sites of real estate items.
  2. Meet up ‘Real estate in digital’ in Mail.ru. With the story of the real role of the site in the sales of apartments and how the site can facilitate the work of salespeople.


  1. “Why the site of a new building can not and should not increase sales” - http://www.cossa.ru/special/realty/190319/
  2. Correct content on the site of the residential complex: four tips - http://www.cossa.ru/trends/170448/
  3. Trends in the sites of real estate developers 2018 - http://www.cossa.ru/special/realty/193893/

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