Vasiliy Soshnikov
Head of development group @ Mail.Ru Group

How and why to create NginX-module. Theory, practice, profit


NginX is a fundamental element in almost any project.

Today, many people know how to configure NginX, write lua scripts, use it as proxy. In other words, solve problems without going beyond nginx.conf, and in most cases this is enough.

But with the growth of the project or within the framework of a certain business task, there may be a need for the NginX-module. And then there are questions and problems:

- How to write NginX-modules?

- What are the special features?

- How to deploy?

- Why are there no examples, and if there are some - they are obsolete ones?

In this report I will talk about the features of development under NginX.

We’ll start with the features of the memory model, phases of processing the request/content, and finish with the answer to the question: "When do you need your NginX-module?".

Audience: Architects, Developers
About speaker

Vasiliy Soshnikov

Head of development group @ Mail.Ru Group

My name is Vasiliy. I’m Head of the development group at Mail.Ru Group, working in Moscow, Russia. I’m creating web services working under heavy workloads, also I design architectures and I research new technologies.

Besides, I’m a committer to some open source projects, like Tarantool, CentrifuGo, Intel MRAA and so on. I’ve developed 6 NginX modules, one of those is open-source and the rest ones are commercial.

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