Andrey Alekseyev
Senior Developer @
St. Petersburg

RxJS - understandably, in detail and in practice

  • Auditorium: GARDEN HALL
  • Category: Development
  • Level: Skilled
  • Section: FrontEnd


The RxJS Library is like an insuperable wall in the way of studying Angular. We will disassemble it by bricks. We will speak about the main components of the library. Let us analyze problems that can be easily solved by rx. We will see that the frightening words of ‘reactive programming’ hide quite understandable ideas.

Main theses of the report:

  • Discussion of technical issues related to the use of the "Reactive programming" approach.
  • Examples of practical use for large projects and discussion on the effectiveness.
  • The lecture about the features of various aspects of development using the RxJS Library.
About speaker

Andrey Alekseyev

Senior Developer @
St. Petersburg

Senior Developer in Tinkoff Business, Principal Teacher at Tinkoff Fintech Schools for the frontend major.

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