Timothy Kvachev

Head @ TRINET.Group
St. Petersburg


In Internet business since 2000.

Head of TRINET, the Internet agency

• Expert at the Council of the Institute for Internet Development

• Resident of the Expert Council of the Runet Award

• Consultant of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

• Included in the rating "Top 100 Key Persons of the Russian Internet Market" (Tagline).

Regularly publishes in professional print media and magazines.

Recent publications in ‘Internet Marketing’ and ‘Internet Marketing Practices’.

Presenter and speaker at :

• St. Petersburg Internet Conference (SPIC) http://sp-ic.ru/

• Russian Internet Forum RIF + CIB http://russianinternetforum.ru

• Internet and Business. Russia http://ibcrussia.com/

• Weeks of the Russian Internet (Russian Internet Week) http://russianinternetweek.ru/

• Search engine optimization and website promotion on the Internet http://optimization.ru/

• iFresh http://ifreshconf.ru/

• ConversionConf http://www.conversionconf.ru/

• Day of Internet advertising http://advdays.ru

Speaker at more than 100 annual conferences and events.

The author of the master classes:

• In the Internet marketing school "Netology" http://netology.ru/

• On the training courses of the additional education "IKRA" http://ikraikra.ru/

• In the association of the training companies ATK SPb http://atkspb.ru/

• In the Information and Training Center of the Progress Information Center http://cntiprogress.ru/

• In the Moscow Business School http://mbschool.ru/

• In the School of IT Producers http://it-producer.ru/

• In the educational center "Edukor" http://www.educore.ru/

Author of Internet marketing courses at SPbSUSE, SPbSPU, SPbSU.

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