Alexander Konchenko
Owner and Managing Partner @ ACMEdigital

How to be smarter than smart feed?

  • Auditorium: SOVIET SCHOOL
  • Category: Digital-marketing
  • Level: Skilled
  • Section: Lead generation


Smart feed is pain.

The algorithm works against you, subscribers do not see the content, overcoming ten per cent coverage is a heroic feat.

How to work systematically with a constantly changing algorithm, not to lose coverage and experience the joys of paradise?

Points to be covered:

  • purpose and key guidelines for making a smart feed;
  • myths and truth about how algorithms work;
  • methods for dealing with low coverage and involvement;
  • obtaining reliable data and in-depth study of subscribers: factors of decision-making, pains and expectations;
  • methods for safe automation of routine actions and mass operations with new audiences;
  • post-analysis and strategy correction.
About speaker

Alexander Konchenko

Owner and Managing Partner @ ACMEdigital

Owner and Managing Partner ACMEdigital, moderator and co-author of SMM Manager course and Search Engine Specialist, SEO Optimizer course at Convert Monster Training Center.

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