Интернет вещей (IoT)

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Catherine Malyarova
Project manager @ Yandex. Embedded Automotive Solutions

I invite everyone who is interested in learning what you need to be prepared for when developing embedded systems for cars. On the example of Yandex.Auto we'll talk about the features of UI/UX of automotive systems, about unexpected discoveries and difficulties of testing.

I will also tell you why developing systems for a car, you are pumping your skills.

Vladislav Zaitsev
IOT System Architect @ Nokia

When using radio networks, we usually use networks with " star" or " point-to-point" topologies. Wi-Fi is "star", Wi-Fi Direct (when two devices are connected directly) or talk on the radio is "point-to-point". Cellular communication is also a " star of stars". But there are networks that have other operating principles — self-structuring mesh networks. The lecture will cover operating principles of such networks, pluses and minuses, popular standards and hardware.

Want to know what mesh networks are and learn main principles of their operation? Do come! We will tell what they can be like, how they are used, what one needs to know about their operating principles, and how you can “play” with them at home.

Alexander Surkov
IoT Community co-leader @ Microsoft MVP

In the report, we will look at the technologies that Microsoft offers for IoT. A special version of .Net for microcontrollers, Windows 10 IoT Core, cloud services IoT Hub, Stream Analytics. Special solutions ‘out of the box’: Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT Central. We will go through all these items and learn their functions and understand how it all works.

We invite engineers, developers and also everyone who is interested in IoT and cloud technologies in general.

Vasiliy Zhuravskiy
CTO @ РуГаджет
First step in IoT
of Reports

    The lecture will be useful to students and professionals who are interested in the Internet of Things and embedded system programming topics.
    The lecture will provide an overview of modern IoT technologies as well as describe most frequently encountered issues and typical pitfalls a beginner IoT device and service developer should be aware of.

    Quick starting guidance will be provided for both beginner developers/students and professional embedders/programmers.
    Also in the lecture: mesh networks, LoRa, 6LowPAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, NB-IoT – all this stuff.

    Victor Login
    developer @ Rightech.io

    The report will deal with CI / CD processes in the era of microservices, Agile and light disorder. We will try to make the of applications deployment easier and more understandable, both for the severe bearded men, and for young inexperienced juniors and managers.


    • Building Pipeline as understandable to everyone.
    • Why use Kubernetes.
    • Simplify life with HELM.
    • How to expand the K8S for your tasks.

    Mikhail Dronov
    Embedded developer @ Restream

    I'll talk about Open Source hardware using the DIY oscilloscope as an example. It was developed from a Hardware Hackathon idea to the affordable and cheap device that you can assemble yourself. We will consider both technical implementation (what to use to bring the idea to the prototype) and organizational issues (how not to dig in working on the project in your spare time). I will also make an overview of what is happening in the world of open source hardware, as well as how to stop worrying and join Open Source.