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Svetlana Rusova
Founder & CEO @ Bestrank Training Center
St. Petersburg

There is a huge demand for software developers with blockchain skills now, and it is expected to grow in the nearest future.
The banking sector extensively adopts this technology, holds hackathons, announces competitions and creates jobs for developers.
Major governmental and commercial organizations develop projects on blockchain.
Technical higher education providers consider and establish sub-departments dedicated to blockchain, and courses on this subject are added to standard curriculums.

New developers will be trained soon who will come to businesses to junior developer positions. And middle-developers will be those who will start learning and working with this technology today.

The lecture will help learn more about this subject those who are starting to approach it.

If you are a developer or owner of an IT company, welcome to this lecture, and you will see how blockchain can promote your career and your business.

Our company has handled projects on blockchain since April 2017. Starting from October, we have launched a training course for developers on ерш subject, and we see very keen interest to it, both from developers and business community. However, appropriate quality information on this topic is very few, and it is nearly nonexistent in Russian. We would like to tell about the technology, show a new career path for developers and develop the community of crypto-enthusiasts.

Key points:

1. What technologies for the basis of blockchain: cryptography, databases, peer2peer connections

2. The concept of smart contracts: where stored, how performed, and is it possible to cheat a smart contract.

3. Decentralized applications. Security, convenience, opportunities — choose two of three.

Alexander Kirillov
CTO @ Evrone

Today, no one is surprised by the words ‘crypto-currency’ or ‘blockchain’. Many startups see their future as this: to hold an ICO, attract investment and make the best project, preferably using blockchain technology.

Most blockchain projects are fully or partially decentralized systems that use smart contracts to interact with the blockchain. In my speech, I will talk about the development of smart-contracts (including those for ICO). Any smart-contract is a part of the application and it also needs to be tested. In the second part of the lecture, I will talk about testing of smart contracts and tools that will help you solve similar problems.

Nikolay Yeremin
CTO @ Maxilect
St. Petersburg

Only the lazy ones have not heard of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Blockchain is almost always associated with Bitcoin or Etherium. But blockchain is a technology that is much broader and it opens up new possibilities. In the report, we will consider what a private blockchain is as well as the implementation architecture of the private blockchain based on Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is the most popular and mature private blockchain framework at the moment.

But how it works and how it differs from the public blockchain solutions.

This is discussed in the lecture in more detail.

The lecture will cover:

- What is a private blockchain

- What is Hyperledger

- Hyperledger Fabric architecture

- Using Hyperledger Fabric