Управление требованиями

Куратор секции: Анна Шведова

Привет всем! Я - Анна Шведова, руководитель направления аналитики в компании SimbirSoft. Мы - единственная компания в регионе, где деятельность по сбору, анализу и управлению требованиями к разрабатываемому ПО выделена в самостоятельное направление и ведется согласно международным стандартам REQB / IREB.

Я приглашаю вас принять участие в обмене опытом и знаниями по системному и бизнес анализу; обсудить, что же делать, если требования все время меняются, хорошо это или плохо; и за кем же последнее слово: за аналитиком, QA специалистом или руководителем проекта.

Темы докладов будут интересны всем, кто так или иначе сталкивается в своей работе с постановкой задач на разработку, а именно - сбором, описанием и моделированием "хотелок" Заказчика. Также затронем вопросы управления отдельными требованиями и проектом в целом. Приходите, будет полезно! Встретимся на «Стачке».

Мои контакты для любых вопросов:

Konstantin Shakurov
Analyst, PM, Product Manager @ SimbirSoft
Aleksey Florinskiy
Deputy Director @ SimbirSoft

Do a project for a customer or for users who bring money to customer?

Why a UX specialist is needed while the project has an analyst?
Can we do without either?
How not to get customer tired of a crowd of people on the project?

In the lecture, we will answer these questions, tell about how to share responsibility and not to get “Chinese Whisper”, and demonstrate that a demanded product can be made on the first try, without the risk of major changes thereafter.

Alexander Shimansky
CEO @ StomPro

The development of any large product involves close interaction of development teams and customers.

What is a "test pad" and how can it save you nerves and time?

How not to get lost on tons of edits, how to run a project and modify it at a working enterprise changing its business processes, how not to lose the main goal among the many small bonus features and how to identify the needs of the majority?

We will tell you how to structure teams, collect quality data, establish communication between experts, and most importantly how to survive at the time of implementation.

Maksim Karev
Head of Business Intelligence @ IBS SOFT LLC

Nowadays many people want to be data scientist – i.e. analysts or, in other words, data researchers. Although this specialization has gained popularity and ignited much hype, many of those who want to become analyst or potential candidates for this job are not sure about or do not have a full understanding of how demanded this specialization will be in actual business in the immediate future. Some believe it is just a swing of fashion’s pendulum and its peak will soon pass by, others are confident that this is only the beginning, and that the future is here. In my lecture, I would like to tell you about day-to-day realities of this profession as they currently are, and to share my thoughts about the past, the present and the future of this profession in terms of actual IT consulting projects.

The lecture should be interesting, first of all, to beginner specialists, or to those who have heard about this field before and think about working in it. Also, my lecture might be interesting to business people (from oil and gas industry, metal production and energy) because it provides examples of implementation of real projects with use of advanced analysis and machine learning tools.

Roman Soroka
Project Manager @ Epam Systems

We will look at the vulnerabilities of various complex systems from software that has become history to today’s known IT solutions. We’ll talk about what should be considered when developing the architecture in terms of vulnerabilities. Do not forget to talk about control and accounting. The report will be interesting to all those who are interested in security testing or just want to know whether it is possible to take loans from banks in cash with 0% per annum.

Denis Pushkin
Product Marketing Manager @ Skyeng: Online School of English

1. Product marketing in Skyeng. How we calculate millions of earnings?

2. From money calculations to hypothesis testing factory

3. Mass production framework: Customer development → UX research → AB-tests

Andrey Pokhilko
Open Source Initiatives Leader @ CA Technologies

The lecture will be interesting to all who are concerned with the problem of performance testing. Today they concern everyone: developers, managers, administrators. I will speak on the most painful topic in LT: how to have time to analyze all these unpredictable graphs and help the less experienced LT staff to benefit from it.

Ekaterina Remizova
QA @ SimbirSoft

The group of experts will discuss the hot topic of trends in the development of QA in front of the audience. Any participant who has something to say can join this group and join the discussion. In this format, we will find out what are the trends in QA and in the industry, discus different points of view. What is the essence of the format? A small group of people discusses a hot topic in front of a large audience. In classic aquariums, any participant can join the small group and take part in the discussion. This is a very effective format for discussing trend topics and identifying different viewpoints.


  • Andrey Pokhilko, Open Source Initiatives Leader @ CA Technologies
  • Ekaterina Remizova, Head of Quality Service @ SimbirSoft
  • Marat Gumerov, Head of QA Automation @ SimbirSoft
  • Roman Soroka, Project Manager @ Epam Systems