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В SEO каждый день – новый тренд: новые алгоритмы ранжирования, новые фильтры, новые технологии. Делать сайты находимыми в интернете сегодня – это не только использовать богатый накопленный опыт; а ещё и быть всегда на волне свежих трендов.

Поэтому мы собрали спикеров-практиков, которые расскажут, как приспособиться к последним «новинкам» в мире SEO: только горячие темы, только конкретные приёмы, никакой воды.

SEO.RU - передовая команда профессионалов поискового маркетинга. Компания SEO.RU основана в 1999 году в Ульяновске. Специализация на поисковой оптимизации и продвижении сайтов в интернете с целью увеличения прибыли клиентов. 18 лет на рынке SEO. Более 3000 клиентов, среди которых SONY pictures, Мое Дело, Роскачество, Burda, AVG, Motul и др. Стратегия развития SEO.RU ориентирована на растущий глобальный рынок поисковой оптимизации.



Timothy Kvachev
Head @ TRINET.Group
St. Petersburg

You will find out why 90% of sites do not get results from SEO

During the lecture you will:

- Understand why you need LSI longread's and SILO architecture

- Learn how to apply Ben Hunt's ‘ladder of recognition’ to increase organic traffic on your project

- Learn about the possibilities of automatic optimization using the values multiplier

Get a list of the top 7 systematic errors of your contractors that are depriving you of profits.

And most importantly, during the report you will be given simple techniques for e-commerce, allowing not only to achieve quick results, but also to capture your niche.

The report is based on live cases with a demonstration of the results of the implementation of the described techniques.

Ivan Nikitin
Founder and Director @ Ivan Nikitin and Partners

Modern systems of analytics, such as Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica, can collect and use additional parameters and metrics (metrics) about the user's session, about the users themselves, about the products, and so on. Such information allows us to make a very fine data segmentation at the analysis and to obtain results that inaccessible to conventional analysis tools. The report deals with the examples and skills of such usage.

Mikhail Shakin

I will talk about such methods of promotion in the English-language Internet, which are rarely used in RuNet or not used at all.

For example,working in cooperation with journalists, you can get quality links from well-known websites for free.
In most cases you cannot get links by other ways.

In RuNet, almost no one uses multi-level links. With this method, the links are placed in several levels. This method allows you to get greater effect from the same number of links.

Getting links using Scholarships - this method is popular in English-speaking countries and allows you to receive links from educational sites in edu domain zone. Such references give good trust. Not every site has links from websites of colleges and universities.

Latypov Artur Rashitovich
Head @ SEO Intellect

- Reasons to punish search engines;
- Types of sanctions;
- Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment;
- How not to fall under the sanctions.

Vasily Tkachev
CEO @ All in Top Coaching
Yuri Kuznetsov
Founder @

1. In what cases it can be useful
2. Multiply title, h1, description, seo-blocks by country, region, city district, city using templates
3. Do the same by districts and metro
4. Calculate the mathematical effect
5. Add events (championships, exhibitions, New Year)
6. Add seasonality
7. Work with prompts
8. Consider overspamming
9. Correct templates for a specific query
10. Divide into subdomains
11. Get the targeted traffic

Konstantin Abdullin
Technologist and SEO-expert @ SEO.RU

- briefly about Mobile First and why it's important,
- how to configure AMP and Turbo pages, details,
- which sites already need AMP and Turbo Pages,
- cases