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Если вы заметили, что эффективность прямой рекламы неуклонно падает, стоимость привлечения нового клиента растет, становится все сложнее вести бизнес рентабельно, то эта секция однозначно для вас.

Многие рынки в России сейчас входят в стадию насыщения и начинают сталкиваться с проблемами, с которыми столкнулись предприниматели на Западе десятки лет назад. Конкуренция в бизнесе становится жестче, клиенты — требовательнее. Классические каналы маркетинга перестают работать. Что делать в такой ситуации?

Сегодня самый рентабельный на Западе способ привлечения и удержания клиентов — контент-маркетинг. Именно контент-маркетинг позволяет в полуавтоматическом режиме выстраивать доверие потенциальных клиентов еще до покупки, стимулировать сарафанное радио, делать повторные продажи и сохранять клиента лояльным в течение многих лет.

В России это направление маркетинга весьма ново. Вот уже несколько лет мы приглашаем самых сильных российских экспертов в области «контент-маркетинг» на нашу секцию, и они делятся своим практическим опытом. Обязательно приходите.


Внимание: Зал "Октябрьский", в котором мы проводим секцию, вмещает всего 150 человек. Лучше занять места заранее.

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Maria Verhоvtseva
chief editor @ Lifehacker

What is the difference between promotional and non-promotional content.

How the editorial board sometimes suffers from advertising.
What is the pain of commercial editors.
Why do ads and editors live in different worlds.
Why they can not exist in absolute parallel.

How to make good promotional materials so that the editorial board does not suffer.

Julia Zagitova
Media Researcher, Creator of Breaking Trends Telegram-channel

People came to Telegram and consider it a safe messenger.

Media and companies began to invest large budgets into the channels.

Authors of the channels earn more than in other social networks.

From this report you will learn everything about Telegram-boom and understand how it works.

Anastasia Dujardin
Analyst @ Mediator

How many media are there in Russia.

What is Russian media market and the average media.

Features of media consumption in Russia.

Who reads Russian media.

Variability of involvement indicators depending on the category of the publication.

Nikita Belogolovtsev
Chief Editor and Publisher @ Mel

Creation of content or self-sustained media in a particular niche is a very topical subject. Such content may be demanded by both businesses and brands trying to find their way to the Customer, and by media. In today’s world, the “entry threshold” has become much lower: gain is possible even with minimum resources at the starting point. At the same time, the number of players and, hence, competition for user’s attention, have increased significantly.

Questions that this lecture will answer:

Against whom niche media compete for user’s attention, and how?

How to minimize costs and efforts at start of a project wisely?

What are specific requirements that niche media have for team building?

Why the reader is always more important than the topic?

Arseniy Ashomko
CEO @ Tigermilk Media

Today, many (if not all) talk about domination of video in communications. But is it really so?

Isn’t the significance of video overestimated?

How can it be used to achieve business targets (both when you are a media and when you are a business)?

Does it make sense to get involved in the move in support of video all out, every time and everywhere?

Pavel Fedorov
editor, author of the Telegram-channel "Pasha and his procrastination"
Velikiy Novgorod

What rules to follow to write texts in 2018, so that even if you have paws it would not prevent project or business from developing:

— Away with proverbs and sayings.
— Away with everything that the others are writing already.
— Away with dryness.
— Away with wateriness.

— You give clear texts.