Куратор секции: Николай Фетюхин

В этом году организаторы секции digital подготовили что-то особенное! И измененное название секции «digital.transformation» - это не только про трансформацию секции, это еще про основной тренд в бизнесе, который происходит под напором IT. Да, друзья, у нас впервые будет IT секция для бизнеса! 4-ая промышленная революция, цифровизация, диджитализация, digital transformation — это явление по разному называют! Но все эти термины об одном и том же.

Секция не только про технологии, но и про изменение бизнес мышления в новых условиях современной экономики. По прогнозам журнала Forbes в 2017 году более 60% крупнейших мировых корпораций выберут своей стратегией digital-трансформацию! Бизнес меняется под напором потребителя, который меняет культуру и способы потребления! Если ты современный, активный предприниматель, топ менеджер, и не собираешься оставаться на обочине бизнес истории, ты обязан быть на этой секции!

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Vladislav Mikhalev
co-founder @ MPLAYROOM
St. Petersburg
  • transformation of business-thinking;
  • instagram as a multiplier of customers attraction and brand promotion;
  • testing a niche with minimal investment;
  • your own product and brand without own production;
  • why business should not be done for money or freedom.

Bonus track: during the lecture we will analyze 3 business instagram accounts of the first 3 volunteers.

Nikolay Fetyukhin
Founder @ MST
Ulyanovsk / Moscow

For businesses and heads of sales departments!

To understand what are the possibilities of transformation from offline to online! And for everyone who is interested in IT!

Pavel Trubetskov
Marketing Director @ CS-Cart

It became more difficult to sell. The price of the lead is growing. Quality is falling. The client becomes more demanding.

The profitability of the first sale went to a deep knockout.

Customers forget you and repeat sales come with a creak. Cold calling is getting worse and worse.

Golden days of the phrase ‘I'll make a lending and set direct’ are irrevocably gone.

What to do when Digital has finally changed the world and the number of information channels became unlimited?

Create your own channel. Each of us lives in his own world, which defines a certain community of people and interests.

We will talk with you about the most popular trends of modern marketing - community marketing.

  • How to create a community of loyal customers around your company?
  • What is the key task of the blog and how to work with emails and messengers?
  • Why do the brands become less important and the leader of the company comes first?
  • How can community marketing save you millions of rubles when you launch a new product?

Sergey Muzykantov
co-founder @ LITEBOX
  • Understanding the special features of the industry and work experience is an essential prerequisite for the success of a startup.
  • Successful startup needs good basis.
  • A billion-dollar startup cannot be bought for small change.
  • How to successfully go the ‘last mile’ with the investor and not lose the project.
  • Why you cannot relax after selling a share and cash-out.