Куратор секции: Дарья Кошкина

Привет! В этом году мы создали секцию, целиком посвященную Дизайну! В субботу в зале «Октябрьский» вы узнаете о последних трендах дизайна, их применении и влиянии дизайна на весь мир. Меньше абстракций, больше практики. Наши доклады основаны на огромном личном опыте докладчиков. Мы отобрали 6 лучших спикеров, чтобы концентрированно передать полезный опыт вам.

Мы приглашаем не только дизайнеров, но и всех, кому будет интересно понять, как дизайн меняет окружающий мир. Арт-директора, Маркетологи, Рекламисты, Менеджеры, Программисты, Студенты - кем бы вы ни были, наша секция открыта для вас.

Приходите, будет интересно.

E-mail: dellilla13@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daria.koshkina

Alexey Korneyev
Editor @ uKit Group

0. Relax! Studies show that AI-substitution threatens financial advisors, and Jeff Bezos had discovered all this back in 1998.

1. AI is like your trainee: free, fast, and acceptable. In recent years, neural networks have become typographers, layout designers, appraisers of the attractiveness of every type of materials - from photos and layouts to finished digital objects. Now you can delegate the whole routine to them: e.g. to pick 143 colors to the base, to make 20 logo ideas in 2 minutes, all that stuff.

2. Generative design. As they do it in Google, Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft. As they use it in Toyota, Airbus and Ogilvy.

3. As we at uKit Group teach the machine to redo bad sites from the 90's and 2000's. And why 5000 site owners can not be mistaken.

4. Why do we discuss it all? Personalization is the thing of the future: everything will be rearranged or us on the basis of data.

Vitaly Bykov
CEO @ Red Keds

Hey. Everyone knows me as a brilliant social wit, a genius strategist, an inspirational commander. It's hard to believe, but I was not always that guy. I started my great journey to advertising Olympus 14 years ago being a completely different person. And, as it is supposed, the journey changed me. I used to look completely different. And I had a very different attitude to advertising. But, working with brands, I turned into another person, and I'll tell you how advertising has changed me.

Yaroslav Tregubov
Art director @ PRO100 agency

I will share the experience of using services and solutions for the transfer of mock-ups to front-enders, teamwork, version control, animation and automation in design. I'll tell you about the pros and cons of each. I’ll tell you about our choice. Is it Sketch or Adobe x d, Marvel or Invision. Only the most advanced and interesting information. I will share my experience of working with one of the most solvent sectors of the economy. Inner kitchen, pitfalls and special features of working with dentistry.

Julia Mokrousova
Director @ MALEN design / marketing / branding studio
Portfolio and I brand
of Reports
    1. How to earn with your mind
    2. How to sell yourself BSBQ: Bigger, Sooner, Better, Quicker.
    3. How to pack yourself: 100 words about yourself, portfolio, CV, pricing
    4. What strategy to choose: be smart and good-looking or rich and happy. How to make your dream your hobby, and your hobby – your job

    Grigory Kochenov
    Creative director @ AGIMA

    Digital evolution is changing the ways of communication, working with content and it is finding new ways to tell stories. In a broad sense it is interesting to see how it works in the world of overproduction of images, where, in many ways, it becomes more important not to just produce new content, but to extract it in the form of understandable patterns through the acts of re-recording, capturing, processing and documenting. Work with populations of replicable images. Rethinking and transferring of the old experience into the immersive world of interactivity and VR. 100 years ago, it took 20-30 years for the cinema, that there appeared the notion of the format and the theory of Eisenstein's cut editing. And now we see that modern directors and artists conduct the same search. We again appeared in these conditional 1910s, where there is no clear understanding of the future , but all the processes around are fantastically interesting.

    Daria Koshkina
    UX / UI designer @ Strandum

    Have you ever faced the fact that you really want to work, but do not know where to start and how to become a great specialist? I have gone this way through and now we will do it again together at the master class. It will be interesting for students, beginning designers and anyone who wants to understand why the skills of communication and self-presentation are as important as the ability to draw.

    1. The kinds of design and why design rules the world.
    2. How to pump out your inner designer and what skills are needed for this.
    3. What are soft skills and why the ability to present yourself and communicate is just as important as being able to draw and work in Photoshop.
    4. We will analyze why the designer needs creativity and I will conduct a small master class with an audience to pump creativity.
    5. I will show on real cases, what mistakes the designer makes and how to avoid them.
    6. Where do they teach design?

    Who will benefit from the master class?

    Beginners are designers and those who want become designers, students of the profile majors, creative youth and city activists.

    Format: It assumes interaction with the audience (answers to questions, express analysis of cases).

    It will be useful and cool! See you!

    In my lecture, I will try to share my view of how a design team works from the inside of a business. I will tell how our team of designers responds to changes related with rapid development of the company and to market instability. You will learn why we are not afraid of making big mistakes, why we tell about them, how this has helped us become the No. 1 network of pizza restaurants in Russia and what the role of design is in our plan to conquer the world.

    Come to hear my story about values that unite, and about business-oriented approach in design.