Куратор секции: Анатолий Пешков

Всем привет! Меня зовут Анатолий Пешков, я технический директор в компании Mad Brains. Вот уже более 6 лет я и мои коллеги вкладываем свои силы, время и, не побоюсь сказать, душу в создание великолепных мобильных приложений. Для успешного существования на этом рынке нам постоянно приходится учиться. Тернистый путь из проб и ошибок позволяет нам вычленять наилучшие подходы и технологии. Наш богатый опыт в различных областях (игры, музыкальные и новостные приложения, приложения для навигации и т.д.) позволяет судить о трендах и полезных приемах, которые смогут упростить жизнь и сэкономить не один человеко-час разработки. Именно по этому я являюсь куратором секции мобильной разработки.

В данной секции не будет воды и пиара. Только программирование и мобилки, только хардкор. Секция предназначена для тех у кого в должности тем или иным языком написано «программист» и в чьи обязанности входит создание программ для устройств на операционных системах iOS, Android и, если таковые еще не вымерли, Windows Phone. Поговорим о насущных проблемах разработки, о том что лучше нативная разработка или кроссплатформа, о том как сделать свой код надежнее и конечно о том что нужно изучать дальше чтобы стать еще более крутым и востребованным программистом. Информация будет полезна как начинающим, так и тем кто все чаще задается вопросом «Как сделать лучше?». Жду вас на «Стачке»

Вопросы и предложения по секции можно присылать вот сюда:
E-mail: antol@madbrains.ru
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/antol.peshkov

Arthur Badretdinov
Senior Mobile Engineer @ Vyng

In 2012, Uncle Bob described the Clean Architecture approach, which is designed to save developers from a headache when testing the system, changing the database or the way information is displayed. The approach is based on a standard multi-layer architecture, describing the responsibilities of each layer.

The report examines the application of the Clean Architecture approach in an Android project, where the presentation level is divided according to the MVP pattern. It will be useful both for those who are just beginning to study this question, and for those who already use it. The report considers the basic properties of the approach from the static and dynamic position, its advantages and disadvantages.

Alexandr Emelyanenkov
iOS developer @ Redmadrobot

The report is about the security of mobile applications.

We will freshen up in memory which data transfer protocols a mobile application uses when communicating with the server, and also how the symmetric / asymmetric encryption, the public key infrastructure and https work and what problem they solve. We will consider the ‘man in the middle’ attack type and learn how to protect from it in a mobile application.

In addition, we will get acquainted with such irreplaceable tools as Wireshark and Charles.

Tikhonov Pavel
iOS developer @ Mobile Dimension

I will talk about the implementation of CoreData Progressive Migration on the of Pregnancy Calendar project. We got involved in migration, as there were tasks related to the registration and authorization of users and there was a need to synchronize data between devices. My report will not cover Progressive Migration in theory, but how it all works in practice and what you should be aware of in a real project.

Kirill Klebanov
iOS developer @ Just LLC
Useful Core ML
of Reports

    The lecture will deal with Core ML technology and its capabilities. I’ll show a simple and quick way of integrating machine learning into an iOS application. On the example of image processing and analysis, we will evaluate the effectiveness and applicability of these solutions in real life. We’ll briefly speak about similar solutions for Android.

    Peshkov Anatoly
    CTO @ Mad Brains

    GraphQL API is another trend technology, which is heard from all sides, where there is client-server interaction. This is a new approach to writing an API, allowing clients to flexibly configure the API for themselves. GraphQL was named by analogy with SQL due to the similar principle of working. We form a query only for the needed data in the required format and get only what was requested. No more "<server_dev_name>, add this field to this request" or "<server_dev_name>, why there is Int instead of String?" But are there only advantages? I'll tell you everything in my report on the example of a recently released application

    Sergey Pinchuk
    DevOps Engineer @ Avito

    I'll tell you about CI / CD in a big company, in conditions when dozens of people are working on the project. I will describe the process of developing the application, share practices that significantly simplify the work and facilitate the life of the team as a whole. Let's talk about the tests: what and when to start, how much they can be trusted. I will share the problems that we have encountered, and will tell you how we solved hem and what we are aiming for in the future.