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Evgenia Zherebtsova
Concept artist in cinema and game industry @ Lecturer at Smirnov School
Andrei Volgin
Art Director @ EQS Group
Ivan Kuksin
CTO @ Blue Ant Web Bureau
Olga Liberte
Chief Creative Officer @ Bounce Advertising Agency
Riga, Latvia
Andrey Kubyshin
CTO @ PoldenFX Creative Agency

We will discuss pains and mishaps of the industry, as well as difficulties and what seems to be hopeless situations that one has to face.

We will use humor and personal experience to see how they could have been avoided. Or maybe it is a necessary stage of growth?

We invite everyone to join the discussion in warm and cozy atmosphere of a round table.

Svetlana Rusova
Founder & CEO @ Bestrank Training Center
St. Petersburg

There is a huge demand for software developers with blockchain skills now, and it is expected to grow in the nearest future.
The banking sector extensively adopts this technology, holds hackathons, announces competitions and creates jobs for developers.
Major governmental and commercial organizations develop projects on blockchain.
Technical higher education providers consider and establish sub-departments dedicated to blockchain, and courses on this subject are added to standard curriculums.

New developers will be trained soon who will come to businesses to junior developer positions. And middle-developers will be those who will start learning and working with this technology today.

The lecture will help learn more about this subject those who are starting to approach it.

If you are a developer or owner of an IT company, welcome to this lecture, and you will see how blockchain can promote your career and your business.

Our company has handled projects on blockchain since April 2017. Starting from October, we have launched a training course for developers on ерш subject, and we see very keen interest to it, both from developers and business community. However, appropriate quality information on this topic is very few, and it is nearly nonexistent in Russian. We would like to tell about the technology, show a new career path for developers and develop the community of crypto-enthusiasts.

Key points:

1. What technologies for the basis of blockchain: cryptography, databases, peer2peer connections

2. The concept of smart contracts: where stored, how performed, and is it possible to cheat a smart contract.

3. Decentralized applications. Security, convenience, opportunities — choose two of three.

Andrey Kubyshin
CTO @ PoldenFX Creative Agency
  • How can clients promote themselves and their products using media technologies and non-standard concepts.
  • Real cases - how it works.
  • Interactive with the use of multimedia technology – you can try it yourself.

Catherine Malyarova
Project manager @ Yandex. Embedded Automotive Solutions

I invite everyone who is interested in learning what you need to be prepared for when developing embedded systems for cars. On the example of Yandex.Auto we'll talk about the features of UI/UX of automotive systems, about unexpected discoveries and difficulties of testing.

I will also tell you why developing systems for a car, you are pumping your skills.

Vladislav Zaitsev
IOT System Architect @ Nokia

When using radio networks, we usually use networks with " star" or " point-to-point" topologies. Wi-Fi is "star", Wi-Fi Direct (when two devices are connected directly) or talk on the radio is "point-to-point". Cellular communication is also a " star of stars". But there are networks that have other operating principles — self-structuring mesh networks. The lecture will cover operating principles of such networks, pluses and minuses, popular standards and hardware.

Want to know what mesh networks are and learn main principles of their operation? Do come! We will tell what they can be like, how they are used, what one needs to know about their operating principles, and how you can “play” with them at home.

Andrei Volgin
Art Director @ EQS Group
  • What means of corporate communications are most in demand for companies?
  • What’s the difference between corporate design and ‘live’ client oriented design?
  • Corporate style (brand book) - a means of restriction or a useful guide?
  • What are the main company requirements to design and creativity?
  • How to properly build communication with the client represented by several decision-making people?
  • Successful solutions and major mistakes while working with large companies.

Alexander Surkov
IoT Community co-leader @ Microsoft MVP

In the report, we will look at the technologies that Microsoft offers for IoT. A special version of .Net for microcontrollers, Windows 10 IoT Core, cloud services IoT Hub, Stream Analytics. Special solutions ‘out of the box’: Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT Central. We will go through all these items and learn their functions and understand how it all works.

We invite engineers, developers and also everyone who is interested in IoT and cloud technologies in general.

Irina Modelkina
Consultant of the HR-brand Award, Expert @ Head Hunter

In my report, we will consider the most recent and relevant cases in the field of hr-branding. You will see examples of projects of the HR-brand Award, an annual competition of projects in the field of personnel management. It does not matter whether you are a startup or a large company: the solutions you will talk about can be scaled. Within a short time you will get an idea of ​​the most relevant trends in the field of working with the brand of the employer. You will get acquainted with practical cases of IT sector companies and the best practises of other industries that have found non-standard approaches to solve tasks of attracting, involving and retaining personnel. We will

  • talk about selection, training, analytics (and not only) on the basis of market experts' experience.
  • see how technologies form a new working environment: digital HR and digitalization of all important HR processes.
  • see what challenges the IT industry is facing today in working with young specialists.
  • consider the most interesting and effective tools to be applied here and now, and even have a little look into the future.

Learn about the experts' experience! Listen and do even better!

Alexey Korneyev
Editor @ uKit Group

0. Relax! Studies show that AI-substitution threatens financial advisors, and Jeff Bezos had discovered all this back in 1998.

1. AI is like your trainee: free, fast, and acceptable. In recent years, neural networks have become typographers, layout designers, appraisers of the attractiveness of every type of materials - from photos and layouts to finished digital objects. Now you can delegate the whole routine to them: e.g. to pick 143 colors to the base, to make 20 logo ideas in 2 minutes, all that stuff.

2. Generative design. As they do it in Google, Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft. As they use it in Toyota, Airbus and Ogilvy.

3. As we at uKit Group teach the machine to redo bad sites from the 90's and 2000's. And why 5000 site owners can not be mistaken.

4. Why do we discuss it all? Personalization is the thing of the future: everything will be rearranged or us on the basis of data.

Vitaly Bykov
CEO @ Red Keds

Hey. Everyone knows me as a brilliant social wit, a genius strategist, an inspirational commander. It's hard to believe, but I was not always that guy. I started my great journey to advertising Olympus 14 years ago being a completely different person. And, as it is supposed, the journey changed me. I used to look completely different. And I had a very different attitude to advertising. But, working with brands, I turned into another person, and I'll tell you how advertising has changed me.

Yaroslav Tregubov
Art director @ PRO100 agency

I will share the experience of using services and solutions for the transfer of mock-ups to front-enders, teamwork, version control, animation and automation in design. I'll tell you about the pros and cons of each. I’ll tell you about our choice. Is it Sketch or Adobe x d, Marvel or Invision. Only the most advanced and interesting information. I will share my experience of working with one of the most solvent sectors of the economy. Inner kitchen, pitfalls and special features of working with dentistry.

Julia Mokrousova
Director @ MALEN design / marketing / branding studio
Portfolio and I brand
of Reports
    1. How to earn with your mind
    2. How to sell yourself BSBQ: Bigger, Sooner, Better, Quicker.
    3. How to pack yourself: 100 words about yourself, portfolio, CV, pricing
    4. What strategy to choose: be smart and good-looking or rich and happy. How to make your dream your hobby, and your hobby – your job

    Olga Liberte
    Chief Creative Officer @ Bounce Advertising Agency
    Riga, Latvia
    • Building a creative process (what to do to work more productively?)
    • Concept (how to find, tools)
    • Static image (what is Key Visual)
    • Photoscripts and sketches (what it is, what’s the use)
    • Runtime (how to use within the runtime set)
    • Moodboard (what it is, what’s the use)
    • Background music (really matters)

    Ivan Kuksin
    CTO @ Blue Ant Web Bureau

    The example of residential complex visualization reveals techniques that allow you to make natural photorealistic renders for the sale of real estate. The way you can significantly improve the quality of the picture by working with the environment and post-processing.

    Vasiliy Zhuravskiy
    CTO @ РуГаджет
    First step in IoT
    of Reports

      The lecture will be useful to students and professionals who are interested in the Internet of Things and embedded system programming topics.
      The lecture will provide an overview of modern IoT technologies as well as describe most frequently encountered issues and typical pitfalls a beginner IoT device and service developer should be aware of.

      Quick starting guidance will be provided for both beginner developers/students and professional embedders/programmers.
      Also in the lecture: mesh networks, LoRa, 6LowPAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, NB-IoT – all this stuff.

      Victor Login
      developer @

      The report will deal with CI / CD processes in the era of microservices, Agile and light disorder. We will try to make the of applications deployment easier and more understandable, both for the severe bearded men, and for young inexperienced juniors and managers.


      • Building Pipeline as understandable to everyone.
      • Why use Kubernetes.
      • Simplify life with HELM.
      • How to expand the K8S for your tasks.

      Oleg Vlasenko
      Deputy Director @ SimbirSoft

      Within the framework of "IT Professionals Training" topic, we will discuss the process of IT professionals training throughout the whole chain - from school, through universities and colleges, up to internship at companies and on-the-job training.

      As part of this panel, we will hold a round table dedicated to the issue of increasing the number of scholarships for IT-related specializations.

      We will talk about the associated problems which employers, higher-school educators and school teachers are facing.

      I invite you to join if you are:
      а) involved in IT professionals training e.g. employees of IT companies, teachers of universities and colleges, school teachers, etc.

      б) Getting IT education: university and college students

      в) Choosing your future profession: schoolchildren

      г) Helping your children choose who they are going to be when they grow up: parents

      Get involved in the round table to discuss issues associated with IT professionals training.

      Grigory Kochenov
      Creative director @ AGIMA

      Digital evolution is changing the ways of communication, working with content and it is finding new ways to tell stories. In a broad sense it is interesting to see how it works in the world of overproduction of images, where, in many ways, it becomes more important not to just produce new content, but to extract it in the form of understandable patterns through the acts of re-recording, capturing, processing and documenting. Work with populations of replicable images. Rethinking and transferring of the old experience into the immersive world of interactivity and VR. 100 years ago, it took 20-30 years for the cinema, that there appeared the notion of the format and the theory of Eisenstein's cut editing. And now we see that modern directors and artists conduct the same search. We again appeared in these conditional 1910s, where there is no clear understanding of the future , but all the processes around are fantastically interesting.

      Alexander Kirillov
      CTO @ Evrone

      Today, no one is surprised by the words ‘crypto-currency’ or ‘blockchain’. Many startups see their future as this: to hold an ICO, attract investment and make the best project, preferably using blockchain technology.

      Most blockchain projects are fully or partially decentralized systems that use smart contracts to interact with the blockchain. In my speech, I will talk about the development of smart-contracts (including those for ICO). Any smart-contract is a part of the application and it also needs to be tested. In the second part of the lecture, I will talk about testing of smart contracts and tools that will help you solve similar problems.

      Evgenia Zherebtsova
      Concept artist in cinema and game industry @ Lecturer at Smirnov School
      Concept Art Pipeline
      of Reports

        We will talk about concept design and features of its development, about the combined use of 2D and 3D tools, as well as application o f photobash technique.

        On the example of design of a hand grenade, you will see the whole process of concept creation: from generating the idea to the final presentation. You will be able to see the whole way an artist goes, what every stage is comprised of, and what objectives it is expected to deliver.

        1. What the development starts from? Concept handling

        2. Techniques and tools. What to use, and when?

        3. What objectives each stage is to deliver?

        4. Key rules and errors in concept development.

        The lecture will be interesting to both beginner artists who are exploring concept art and to art directors who are involved in concept production for games and movies.

        If you are interested in developing content for games or creating fictional worlds for movies, welcome on board to know what way an artist goes in concept art creation.

        Daria Koshkina
        UX / UI designer @ Strandum

        Have you ever faced the fact that you really want to work, but do not know where to start and how to become a great specialist? I have gone this way through and now we will do it again together at the master class. It will be interesting for students, beginning designers and anyone who wants to understand why the skills of communication and self-presentation are as important as the ability to draw.

        1. The kinds of design and why design rules the world.
        2. How to pump out your inner designer and what skills are needed for this.
        3. What are soft skills and why the ability to present yourself and communicate is just as important as being able to draw and work in Photoshop.
        4. We will analyze why the designer needs creativity and I will conduct a small master class with an audience to pump creativity.
        5. I will show on real cases, what mistakes the designer makes and how to avoid them.
        6. Where do they teach design?

        Who will benefit from the master class?

        Beginners are designers and those who want become designers, students of the profile majors, creative youth and city activists.

        Format: It assumes interaction with the audience (answers to questions, express analysis of cases).

        It will be useful and cool! See you!

        Nikolay Yeremin
        CTO @ Maxilect
        St. Petersburg

        Only the lazy ones have not heard of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Blockchain is almost always associated with Bitcoin or Etherium. But blockchain is a technology that is much broader and it opens up new possibilities. In the report, we will consider what a private blockchain is as well as the implementation architecture of the private blockchain based on Hyperledger Fabric

        Hyperledger Fabric is the most popular and mature private blockchain framework at the moment.

        But how it works and how it differs from the public blockchain solutions.

        This is discussed in the lecture in more detail.

        The lecture will cover:

        - What is a private blockchain

        - What is Hyperledger

        - Hyperledger Fabric architecture

        - Using Hyperledger Fabric

        Mikhail Dronov
        Embedded developer @ Restream

        I'll talk about Open Source hardware using the DIY oscilloscope as an example. It was developed from a Hardware Hackathon idea to the affordable and cheap device that you can assemble yourself. We will consider both technical implementation (what to use to bring the idea to the prototype) and organizational issues (how not to dig in working on the project in your spare time). I will also make an overview of what is happening in the world of open source hardware, as well as how to stop worrying and join Open Source.

        In my lecture, I will try to share my view of how a design team works from the inside of a business. I will tell how our team of designers responds to changes related with rapid development of the company and to market instability. You will learn why we are not afraid of making big mistakes, why we tell about them, how this has helped us become the No. 1 network of pizza restaurants in Russia and what the role of design is in our plan to conquer the world.

        Come to hear my story about values that unite, and about business-oriented approach in design.