Business Instruments, E-commerce, Going Online and Integration, Start-ups for businesses aimed to develop in highly competitive environment.


Vladislav Mikhalev
co-founder @ MPLAYROOM
St. Petersburg
  • transformation of business-thinking;
  • instagram as a multiplier of customers attraction and brand promotion;
  • testing a niche with minimal investment;
  • your own product and brand without own production;
  • why business should not be done for money or freedom.

Bonus track: during the lecture we will analyze 3 business instagram accounts of the first 3 volunteers.

Nikolay Fetyukhin
Founder @ MST
Ulyanovsk / Moscow

For businesses and heads of sales departments!

To understand what are the possibilities of transformation from offline to online! And for everyone who is interested in IT!

Deryushkin Alexey Viktorovich
Managing Partner @ ScrumTrek

The report examines the basic tools and activities that help pass the initial stage of team building and the start of work on Scrum taking less pains. You will learn what activities should be performed in the Scrum teams after they are launched (or subsequently, if they have not been conducted earlier), to increase team productivity. The report can be used by the Scrum masters as a ‘cheat sheet’ to work with their teams in the first few weeks of work. Many tools will also be useful for those teams that have long been working on Scrum. A set of tools and activities is based on several years of experience with teams. Why? Because everyone wants to make their team more effective. After all, Scrum is about increasing speed and quality, isn’t it?

Ivan Nikitin
Founder and Director @ Ivan Nikitin and Partners
Alexander Feoktistov
Chief Sales Officer @ OHM Solutions
Pavel Ivanov

E-commerce panel is usually a private party for key market players. They address rather vague and instrumental topics at specialist conferences. Meanwhile, nearly every experienced or beginner e-commerce person inevitably faces a practical choice: what is worth paying for, and what you can do yourself? At this panel, people who face such a dilemma will have an opportunity both to share their experiences and perspectives and to have a discussion with those who disagree.

What is uncommon such panels, we are offering the format of round table which will help avoid formalism and boring reports. For the first time ever, it will be arranged in the form of a round table where a single position will be defended by a whole team.


  1. Speakers will (in advance) split up into two teams: Blue and Red,
    • DIY team and
    • Outsource team.
  2. Prior to start, facilitator will explain conditions of the “holy war" and announce who is in the Red and who is in the Blue corner.

First round:

  • A speaker from the Blue team speaks first for 10 minutes, that facilitator passes the floor to the Red team.
  • Five minutes to discuss disputable points.
  • If the Read team is able to provide sufficient reasons, they score a point. If not, a point goes to the Blue team.
  • Gong sounds, and facilitator writes the score on flipchart.
  • Then facilitator passes the floor to a speaker from the Red team for 10 minutes. The procedure is the same. Five minutes after the speech for the Blue team to offer their reasons. Gong and summation.

Second round:

  • A speaker from the Blue team has 10 minutes, then the Read team has 5 minutes to provide their reasons.
  • Gong, score summation, etc.
  • Ten minutes for Red speaker, five minutes for the Blue. Gong, score...
  • Five minutes break.

Third round

  • Ten minutes for a speaker from the Blue team, then the Read team has 5 minutes to provide their reasons.
  • Gong, score summation, etc.
  • Ten minutes for Red speaker, five minutes for the Blue. Gong, score...

Twenty minutes for final discussion and Q&A session, announcement of results of “bouts” and presentation of prizes.

Pavel Trubetskov
Marketing Director @ CS-Cart

It became more difficult to sell. The price of the lead is growing. Quality is falling. The client becomes more demanding.

The profitability of the first sale went to a deep knockout.

Customers forget you and repeat sales come with a creak. Cold calling is getting worse and worse.

Golden days of the phrase ‘I'll make a lending and set direct’ are irrevocably gone.

What to do when Digital has finally changed the world and the number of information channels became unlimited?

Create your own channel. Each of us lives in his own world, which defines a certain community of people and interests.

We will talk with you about the most popular trends of modern marketing - community marketing.

  • How to create a community of loyal customers around your company?
  • What is the key task of the blog and how to work with emails and messengers?
  • Why do the brands become less important and the leader of the company comes first?
  • How can community marketing save you millions of rubles when you launch a new product?

Alexey Troshin
Head of the IT Development @ FINAM

As easy as 1-2-3: how we increased the transparency of 25 teams.

The lecture covers the ways to understand what is happening inside the development teams while looking from outside. Everything is simple and difficult at the same time.???? 2 years of search, 4 approaches - and the tool started to work. It measures and shows the temperature to see which team is overheating in order to be in time with the fire brigade.???? I will talk about how we implemented metrics into teams with different processes, how we performed light standardization and how it was visualized. There will be quite a lot of examples from the life of JIRA.

Deryushkin Alexey Viktorovich
Managing Partner @ ScrumTrek

Keep the rest secret in order not to disclose the intrigue :)

Alexey Pikulev
Agile Coach @ Unusual Concepts

So, you decided to run Scrum with the team. Or maybe you want to use Kanban?

In my report, I will tell you how and why teams combine Scrum and Kanban. In the program: cases, examples and answers to your questions.

Vasily Savunov
Coach @ ScrumTrek

Agile does not like absolute estimates – in hours, Mondays, days. Because in teamwork these units begin to fail, each member of the team gives a different estimate for the same work, and it all finally ends up in an argument like “why did you do it in 4 hours, and not in 3 as promised?” They bring more harm than benefit, and never help improve flexibility, development speed or team spirit. So what estimates should rely on? On manpower requirement and its estimate in relative units. Because the work scope is generally constant. At our small workshop, you will be able to have first-hand experience and make you own conclusions.

Vasily Savunov
Coach @ ScrumTrek

Usual realities at nearly any company are such that there are always many “wishes and desires” and limited number of people who can implement them. However, not all “ wishes and desires” are really worth allocation of limited development resources. So how to put everything right “at input” so that it is clear for each task whether it is worth to be addressed, and in what order of priority. And so that everything is clear, transparent and based on estimates and facts? This is what we are going to talk about at the lecture.

Sergey Baranov
Agile Coach @ ScrumTrek

The lecture covers methods of visual communication between team members and the organization in order to improve the quality of decisions taken and to reduce the level of control in favor of transparency and openness.

Draw a flower. A chamomile or a tulip. Look at your drawing, did you draw the roots? But this is an integral part of the flower. What is out of our sight is also out of the focus of our attention. We do not see the work process and constantly ask for status, we do not see a list of problems in front of our eyes and forget about them, we do not see the strategy and it fades out. How often we do not see important things and do something that does not move us forward. In my lecture, I will share various visualization techniques: from world practice, from own experience and from the practice of the companies for which I was lucky to work. See you at the lecture, it will be interesting :)

Тэглайн представит ряд уникальных рейтингов сервисов и технологий, использующихся при разработке веб-сервисов и заказных проектов в digital. Рейтинги будут интересны большинству российских технических и маркетинговых руководителей, отвечающих за подбор технологических решений на digital-рынке, и сотрудникам, которые ломают копья в бесконечных холиварах, какой сервис или технология лучше. Теперь мы все посчитали.

Исследование сформировано на основе онлайн-анкетирования 1 000+ владельцев и топ-менеджеров digital-агентств и продакшенов с производством и/или клиентским офисом в России. Данные собирались с мая 2016 по апрель 2018. Это первая в России серия рейтингов, построенная по такому большому количеству сегментов рынка и с привлечением невероятного количества респондентов.

Мы представим рейтинги по следующим кластерам: инструменты для дизайна и проектирования, языки программирования, системы контроля версий, серверные операционные системы, мобильные платформы / ОС, краш-репортеры, сервисы для тестирования и сбора статистики мобильных приложений.

Sergey Muzykantov
co-founder @ LITEBOX
  • Understanding the special features of the industry and work experience is an essential prerequisite for the success of a startup.
  • Successful startup needs good basis.
  • A billion-dollar startup cannot be bought for small change.
  • How to successfully go the ‘last mile’ with the investor and not lose the project.
  • Why you cannot relax after selling a share and cash-out.