Pavel Erofeyev
Lead Data Analysis Executive @ Airbus Group Innovations sk

Big data analytics and artificial intelligence to support airplane life cycle

  • Auditorium: BIG HALL
  • Category: Development
  • Level: Skilled
  • Section: Machine learning


The airplane is a complex technical product characterized by continuous operation and life cycle exceeding 30 years.

Modern airplanes come equipped with sophisticated mutually integrated systems comprising thousands of sensors of different types which generate increasingly fast data streams.

With new sources of data and modern advancements in artificial intelligence, brand new approaches emerge to seemingly well-known aircraft life cycle support objectives, such as optimized fleet utilization, scheduled maintenance inspections, servicing, routine and extraordinary maintenance and repairs, etc.

With new data handling technology we are now able to dramatically change the passenger transportation industry and to expand the urban transport space from two-dimensional to three-dimensional.

However, development in this area is associated with conceptually new challenges concerning navigation and interactions among a great variety of agents.

From the presentation, you will learn about the future of mass passenger transportation as seen by Airbus and get an insight to new data analysis and artificial intelligence challenges that are being tackled.

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Pavel Erofeyev

Lead Data Analysis Executive @ Airbus Group Innovations sk

Computer science, Big Data, Cyber security, Data analysis, SW development

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