Dmitriy Korobittsyn
Owner @ Supplier of Happiness

True Drop Shipping, or how to become an ideal supplier to online stores


1. What is True Drop Shipping? Unfortunately, many play with concepts: to some, DS is still

tightly bound to China shopping... I will tell you what True Drop Shipping really is in Russian


2. Who needs Drop Shipping? The number of online stores that use Drop Shipping is

growing. I will tell about what competitive advantages the DS model offers to an on-line store

and to a supplier.

3. Why do online stores like Drop Shipping? The case of Elena Berkova, from

0 to 1,000,000 Russian Rubles in eight months. Elena Berkova is one of our DS clients. I asked

Lena to tell how she had set up her adult on-line store and why she was interested in Drop


4. What are the benefits Drop Shipping offers to a supplier? DS clients pay on time

and hardly ever leave. The rate of conversion from a request for partnership to a steady-working

wholesale client is 10 times higher than elsewhere.

5. The case of Supplier of Happiness

launching a DS project. Full automation of processes. Our turnover has grown three times. Drop

Shipping accounts for 70% of our turnover. DS model has become the platform for the launch of

the FIRE project. Status of the No.1 e-commerce supplier in the adult product niche.

6. How to launch Drop Shipping? What an existing supplier or distributor would need to launch Drop

Shipping? We will discuss technical and organizational issues associated with launch. I will tell

about the pitfalls, and show an easy way to tackle all the challenges.

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Dmitriy Korobittsyn

Owner @ Supplier of Happiness


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