Darya Abramova
CEO @ Codabra Digital Creativity School

IT professionals training


Why do children need to learn programming starting from junior school. How to boost interest in

studies through project creation in playroom environment. Data from a survey of schoolchildren:

what kids are doing at their computers? Experience of Codabra Digital Creativity School as a

business and as a volunteer movement aimed at getting children involved in digital creativity

process nation-wide.

О спикере

Darya Abramova

CEO @ Codabra Digital Creativity School

Darya Abramova, 26 years old. Co-founder and CEO of Codabra Digital Creativity School.

College degree in Engineering Programming. Left home at the age of 15 to enter a college in

Moscow. At 17, started working for IT companies. Progressed from a secretary to a cloud project

manager. Three years ago, in partnership with a friend, she started up Codabra volunteer

movement which would be joined by 50 volunteers shortly afterwards. In a year, the project

would become her full-time job, and six months after it would reach breakeven and finally

become profitable. The Project’s objective is to make children excited about learning technology

and creating new projects. Codabra teaches children coding their own games, applications and

websites. Darya’s goal is to make Codabra the center of expertise in children’s engineering


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