Backing-up and high availability assurance mechanisms in Firebird

  • Auditorium: SOVIET SCHOOL
  • Category: Development
  • Section: Database


The report will deal with resilience of DBMS as such, and any server solutions based on it, as

well as possible ways to minimize your server’s downtime in case of a trouble. We will talk

about back-ups, data redundancy, logic and physical copying, incremental multi-level backup,

and also about different approaches to data replication. We will look at various types of standby

configurations and try to figure out which of the mentioned provisions can provide high data


О спикере

Started up as a software developer in 1997 working on new and modifying existing client-server

products, initially for governmental, then for commercial customers. At about that time, gained

an insight into databases. In 2002, joined Firebird, an open-source DBMS development project.

Since 2005, has been acting as coordinator and release manager for the project. Current areas of

specialization are C++, cross-platform development, high-load systems and SQL query


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