Andrey Tatarinov
CTO @ VRtech

Development of VRTech using the case of CinemaVR

  • Auditorium: OKTYABR'SKIY
  • Category: Development
  • Level: Skilled
  • Section: Virtual reality


To date, virtual reality is a hot topic. At the end of last year, my company was one of the first companies on the market to launch a VR-entertainment network.

CinemaVR is a complete solution that goes throgh the entire stack from the hardware, to the franchise management system and the development of new VR games. In the work we faced a lot of technical tasks and solved many interesting problems as:

  • Automation of systems that are poorly designed for automation (gaming machines on personal windows and steam versions);
  • Work and centralized management of grounds in an unstable Internet;
  • Development of interesting VR-games for playing on a large area;
  • Network monitoring and analytics.

In this report, I will talk about the way of the project went from a scratch to a working network of ten locations in Moscow and St. Petersburg, what problems we faced solved.

О спикере

Andrey Tatarinov

CTO @ VRtech

Currently is actively engaged in the CinemaVR project ( Before that managed the development of Sputnik search engine. Managed the development of Zvooq music service. Managed the development of online store. Worked as SWE / SRE in Google

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