Alexey Borodkin
Head of Analytics Department @ Notamedia

Extreme design: how to make good products, when everything goes to hell

  • Auditorium: MUSEUM CINEMA HALL
  • Category: Digital-marketing
  • Section: Digital


How it works when the project work is smartly designed: documents, people, processes.

Risks for a product: typical weak points of the project, where everything can break up.

An inevitable hole: why it is important to be prepared for having to live not according to sense, but with pain, humiliation and gnashing of teeth - and you can not do anything about it.

Practical ways of how to create a product in vile circumstances, with bad people, without time and resources.

Deal with your own conscience: how to reject idealism and begin to finally live.

О спикере

Alexey Borodkin

Head of Analytics Department @ Notamedia

At various times worked as an Internet marketer, analyst, editor and copywriter in cooperation with leading IT companies, including Ashmanov&Partners, ABBYY, 1C-Bitrix, qb interactive, UsabilityLab, Agnitum, Nanosemantika.

Finally found myself in design of mobile and Internet solutions.

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