Alexander Kirillov
Software engineer @ Evrone

Web Application Containerization

  • Auditorium: PRESSROOM
  • Category: Development
  • Level: Beginner
  • Section: DevOps


Most web projects have long outgrown the level of monolithic applications and broke into the world of microservices. It's no secret that many developers choose containerization as one of the ways to deploy infrastructure. In my speech I will tell you why we chose Kubernetes, what difficulties we faced and wat solutions we found. Also, speaking in the context of Docker cluster I'll discuss the main points that web developers encounter, and will also address the issue of using the developer-environment based on Docker-containers.

О спикере

Alexander Kirillov

Software engineer @ Evrone

I have been developing web projects since 2009. I love and respect OpenSource, I try to regularly make my small contribution to the development of the community. Basically I write in Ruby and Go, but in my spare time I like to tinker with other languages.

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