Svetlana Rusova
CEO @ Training Center "Bestrank"
St. Petersburg

Step-by-step algorithm for an HR: three components on the way to the effective leader

  • Auditorium: SOVIET SCHOOL
  • Category: Education and career
  • Level: Beginner
  • Section: For managers, HRs


I have been working with IT specialists for more than 10 years and often see a sad situation. A good specialist who works perfectly with the program code and other sign systems is promoted, for example, to become a team lead. At this point, he begins to manage other people and, unfortunately, very often does not cope with this task, which leads to stress for the specialist, ruined projects, lost money and broken careers.

At the same time, a quite high level of intelligence, as well as the ability to analyze information and draw conclusions allow IT professionals to develop the skill of effective leadership in case they have sufficient time.

To speed up the process of such training, I developed a clear algorithm that allows "standardizing" the management situation.

The essence of the algorithm is that we consider three components of effective leadership: the identity of the leader, the model of behavior, the assessment of the situation.

1. What personality characteristics are important for effective leadership: I will show the list of qualities, and tell how to assess these criteria for yourself and your employees.

2. Five role models in management: we will consider the behavior models, compile a list of personal qualities for each model, and compare it with personal characteristics.

3. Quick scoring of the situation: an algorithm for situation assessment and choosing an effective model of behavior.

After application of the algorithm, each specialist will have

- a list of qualities of a manager,

- an assessment of the availability and intensity of these qualities for each person;

- the optimal value of each quality for the selected behavior model.

In conclusion, I will use the algorithm to analyze three real examples of IT industry managers, two of whom are successful and effective, and the third, unfortunately, has not failed this task.

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Svetlana Rusova

CEO @ Training Center "Bestrank"
St. Petersburg

For more than 10 years I have been managing a web studio, but now I specialize in preparing and conducting training courses for IT professionals. Psychological education makes it possible to systematize available examples and experience in order to create comprehensible algorithms and teaching methods on this basis.

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