Aleksey Kolesnikov
Project Manager @ SimbirSoft

Open Mic "A tricky question, yet a plain answer: the rise of an IT specialist, an intimate glimpse"

  • Auditorium: MUSEUM LOBBY
  • Category: Education and career
  • Level: Beginner
  • Section: For students


Do you happen to know your fellow developer’s educational background? With ever increasing frequency, I have started to pay attention to the fact that there is a part of worth software developers who work in the specialty one has not trained in: one is a doctor by education, and the other one is a faculty of economics graduate or actually a person of a humanities bent. How come we are witnessing such a trend? And if one has a strong desire to become a developer,

- which steps he/she should take to retrain as an IT specialist;

- how to overcome one’s fear and anxiety, if not the public opinion;

- how to select a preferable work area among various IT areas: QA, mobile, software, web? What?!

These are the very issues in the focus of my report. Let us discuss!

О спикере

Aleksey Kolesnikov

Project Manager @ SimbirSoft

Over 20-year background in IT and software development. Involvement in various projects within SimbirSoft team. Keen on tinkering with some curious stuff using a soldering copper, in particular.

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