Roman Bulatov
CEO @ Colary

Micro-adjustments for micro-finance. How to make a bid price be half the market price

  • Auditorium: MUSEUM HALL №16
  • Category: Digital-marketing
  • Level: Beginner
  • Section: Lead generation


Giving up contextual advertising. Limitations of MFO advertising, alternative steps:

- Minimizing the cost of the application through organics, resurrecting SEO;

- Micro adjustment of the work at marketing, SEO and production departments for the maximum result;

Speed means everything, day-to-day struggle for people.

О спикере

Roman Bulatov

CEO @ Colary

Graduated from Ulyanovsk State University majoring in "Organization Management".

Ex-CEO of "Telecommunication Systems" Telecom-Integrator.

Founder of Colary digital agency.

Among the key customers of Colary are ROLF, INVITRO, Rostech, MFO and other companies where sites and work with traffic are a significant parts of a business.

Basing on his experience in automotive industry (ROLF, AVTOVAZ) Roman became the ideologist and founder of "MyAutoDealer", the startup company, a "one-stop shop" system for new car buyers.

Roman Bulatov is an expert in the field of building Internet marketing for business, which is confirmed by the numerous projects implemented by Colary.

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