Igor Sheko
Front End Developer @ Voximplant

AMP for e-comerce and journalism

  • Auditorium: PRESSROOM
  • Category: Development
  • Level: Skilled
  • Section: FrontEnd


- I'll tell you what Acelerated Mobile Page is. Why it is that relevant and mega cool now.

- I'll tell you about the experience of implementing AMP in the world: what are the prerequisites for implementation, what resources are involved, what it brings in the end.

- I’ll give an overview of AMP tools and components available. And show the examples of use for the most important of them.

- I'll tell you about my own experience of implementing AMP on working projects. I'll describe a few of the most common mistakes.

- I will touch upon the topic of motivation of partners and superiors to allocate resources for the development of AMP extensions.

All the sources will be available to the listeners by a QR code on the last slide.

О спикере

Igor Sheko

Front End Developer @ Voximplant

A former FullStack developer and a man disappointed in Scrum. Before joining the team, Voximplant he was a co-founder and a CTO of the Appatbox web development studio and Rocketcalback callback service, took part in the development of three CRM-systems. Currently he develops WebSDK in Voximplant, keeps a blog in Habrahabr, takes a great interest in IoT, participates in social projects for “Takiye Dela” charity fund and takes care of a small colony of plastic two-headed dinosaurs.


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