Daniil Bazhenov
CTO @ Simtech Development

Immersion in the task and working for results

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My success story and answers to the questions:

How to get into ‘IT flow’, pursue a professional career, become a leader, while retaining the ability to program and the skill to remain up to date;

How to be able to ‘sell’ yourself? The matter is that even those people who have excellent skills in IT sphere, sometimes do not know how to display them to their chief;

How to earn in IT: assessment of your capabilities and salary setting.

О спикере

Daniil Bazhenov

CTO @ Simtech Development

I am a CTO at Simtech Development and a curator of the Management Section. I manage a team of 60 + developers and project managers. I love my job and get great pleasure studying management and introducing new tools to manage processes and people.

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