Ilya Korneev
CCO @ Affect

Business strategy of an agency

  • Auditorium: MUSEUM CINEMA HALL
  • Category: Digital-marketing
  • Section: Digital


What is the business strategy, how to understand and develop the strategy.

— How to understand that you need to learn;

— What is the business strategy without tons of boring words from business coaches.

Implementation of the strategy. How to stop thinking up and begin doing something.

— Where to start and who should do it all;

-How to motivate a team to change or how to share business with the team wotout destroying the business;

-Useful habits to help you not to lose spirit.

The report is based on the real personal case example of introduction of changes in Affect agency.

О спикере

Ilya Korneev

CCO @ Affect

Executive partner, Chief Creative Officer at Affect agency.

For more than 10 years in advertising. Worked with such brands as MTS, Coca-Cola, Procter&Gamble, Jonhson & Johnson, Nestle, Philip Morris International. Teach Creative approach in Internet advertising at major courses at BBDO, IKRA, RMA, etc.

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