Evgeny Krivobokov
Team Lead Mobile Development @ Avito

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  • Auditorium: ARCHIVE
  • Category: Development
  • Level: Skilled
  • Section: Mobile


I'll tell you about the experience of using the feature toggles approach in a growing team, how it helps make the product stable, and ready for more frequent releases.

- Feature branching as a standard approach in team development. When it can become expensive;

- Alternative - feature toggle, basic idea;

- What they are. Classification depending on the time of life and variability: release, experimental, ops, ...;

- Implementation examples (code on kotlin). Mainly about the release feature toggles;

- Ways to reduce the cost of support. How not to overextend;

- How not to accumulate tech debt. When to delete feature toggles;

- How do we test them. What situations need to be checked;

- Feature toggles and changes to the API. How to make them friends;

- Publication of status information on feature toggles;

- CD: use this information making assembly and deployment to integrate with Jira. How to make the code a source of truth.

О спикере

Evgeny Krivobokov

Team Lead Mobile Development @ Avito

I started developing for Android in consulting. Helped to make a corporate application for the employees of one of the banks. Then I decided to try myself in a product company and found myself in Avito. At that time, only two Android developers worked at the main application. Now the company has four applications and 20+ developers for Android only. For the last time I’ve been interested in the processes of building CI/CD, testing and interaction in a large team.

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