Sergey Kuleshov
Deputy CEO @ 1C-Bitrix

Innovations within the company: plan and implement

  • Auditorium: KINOBAR
  • Category: Development
  • Section: Management


During the report we will:

- find out why you need to change;

- analyze the problems of choosing ideas and directions for innovation;

- learn to determine the leaders of changes in the team.

We will consider practical experience of dealing with changes within the company, we will find answers to these and other questions of a business head.

О спикере

Sergey Kuleshov

Deputy CEO @ 1C-Bitrix

Graduated from the MATI RSTU n.a. Tsiolkovsky. Founder and head of the web studio. Took an active part in development of large high-load projects and social nets on the 1C-Bitrix platform. Working in 1C-Bitrix company is responsible for increasing sales, introducing products and developing a partner network. Expert on sales in B2B and B2C, business analytics, business process automation. Permanent speaker at industry conferences and seminars on Internet topics (RIF + CIB, RIW,, Design and Advertising, Online Retail Russia, UWDC, Business Success, IC-Practice, etc.).

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