Dmitriy Bezugliy
Coprocessor @ System Approach LLC

Ways to ensure success. (Culture, Processes, Competencies)


Things get more complex and unique ...

The amount of knowledge required to achieve the desired result cannot fit into an individual mind, so a team is needed ...

No trace of silver bullets is left, only legends ...

No one sharpens a saw now just to make it sharp—it needs to be done for something—something that might not exist yet ...

Whether you are a manager or an employee, you are always concerned about how to be successful.

This report will offer you the key:

- guidelines for successful activity and growing culture;

- tools for self-organizing and developing processes;

- ways to speed up development of competence.

These are generic guidelines, but there will cases from business- and system-analysis.

О спикере

Dmitriy Bezugliy

Coprocessor @ System Approach LLC

Digital. Born the same time as IT (jumped into IT in 1992 and got immersed in it). Experience of creating and developing various systems and products for 15 years. Three innovative products, 20+ completed projects, 300+ peers and followers. I like tackling tough challenges, turning the impossible into hard or easy. Has been developing processes and software competences and developing products for 7 years. Seventy+ projects, 20+ proprietary trainings, 900+ training participants. Business and system analysis. Creating products. Designing (architecture). A “socialized IT person”. Training and communications. I believe in co-creation. Certified facilitator. Eleven successful strategic sessions with application of a customized Rapid-Foresight methodologies to fulfill objectives at the level of products and companies. Hobby: working with students –, State University—Higher School of Economics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

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