Grigory Zemskov
CEO @ Revisium

Site hacking: 5 stages of acceptance of the inevitable


The report gives advice on how to make your site secure in modern conditions of aggressive internet surrounding.

Myths, disillusions on site security, case studies, operational recommendations for web specialists and site owners.

Stage 1. Denial
Busting a myth that only particular sites are hacked and it is done with special purposes. Hacks of different CMS including commercial ones.

Stage 2. Anger
Why they hack sites, spying on hacked sites and why hackers remain ultimately unpunished.

Stage 3. Bargaining
How hackers extort money from shops, how they attack and what to do about it.

Stage 4. Depression
Why it is difficult for professionals to audit hacked sites and how to respond to security incidents.

Stage 5. Acceptance
Organizational measures and technical means available to any site owner to ensure the security of a web resource.

О спикере

Grigory Zemskov

CEO @ Revisium

CEO at Revisium company, expert on information security, developer AI-BOLIT, the popular virus scanner, and ReScan.Pro service. Author of numerous publication, master-classes and webinars on site security. Member of the Expert Board of the Institute for Internet Development (IRI).

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