Hans (Petrus Johannes) Loenhoud
Consultant @ IREB e.V.

RE@Anywhere! On the future of requirements engineering.


Recently, the Requirements Engineering Qualifiactions Board (REQB) and the International Requirements Engineering Board ((IREB) have joined forces. They continue together under the name of IREB.

IREB offers a broad training and certification scheme, starting with a common Foundation Level, containing several specialized modules at the Advanced Level and (coming soon) capped with an Expert Level.

This scheme comprises all steps of the fundamental Requirements Engineering process: elicitation & consolidation, documentation & modelling, validation & negotiation, and requirements management.

IREB develops a new module to service the needs of modern development, called RE@Agile. It builds a bridge between the Requirements Engineering world and the Agile community.

In this development, IREB sees a shift in the focus of requirements engineering from descriptive to creative, from elicitation to solutions. We summarize it in a 4 sentence RE Manifesto and map these sentences on the Kano model. This is valid for both Agile and traditional project, hence RE@Anywhere.

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Hans (Petrus Johannes) Loenhoud

Consultant @ IREB e.V.

Hans van Loenhoud MSc is a consultant and teacher from the Netherlands. He has been working in software development for more than 35 years, starting as a Cobol programmer and later on specialized in test and quality management. In this role, he has been teaching various ISTQB test courses and has been chair of TestNet, the Dutch association of professional software testers. In recent years, he joined the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) to build a bridge between software testing and requirements engineering. He gives CPRE FL trainings and participates in the advanced level Elicitation & Consolidation working group. From 2016 onward, Hans is a member of the Executive Committee of IREB.

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