Andrey Anisimov
CEO @ Reaspect

Drive to performance

  • Auditorium: MUSEUM CINEMA HALL
  • Category: Digital-marketing
  • Section: Digital


    1. Our understanding of the right performance;
    2. What clients we engaged into a performance and why it was a nightmare for both sides;
    3. What you should prepare (or that the Agency should do) so that a performance was a success;
    4. Shifting from advertising to performance approach that you can implement quickly and ... by yourself.
    • Bonus: free instructions and tools
    О спикере

    Andrey Anisimov

    CEO @ Reaspect

    Lecturer of the Higher School of Information Technologies (ITIS KFU)

    Speaker at: YaC 2016, Digital Ottepel 2016, Stachka 2016, RIF. Innopolis 2015, SEOConference 2015.

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