Andrey Konushin
President @ RSTQB

Transition from manual to automated testing

  • Auditorium: MUSEUM LOBBY
  • Category: Development
  • Section: Testing


- Responsibilities of autotester

- Pyramide of autotesting

- What to automate

- Automation techniques

- Prerequisites for transition to automation
О спикере

Andrey Konushin

President @ RSTQB

My team testing experience includes both desktop and web applications projects, windows and unix platforms, on-site and outsourcing testing activities.

My own experience, besides testing, includes programming, analysis and requirements engineering of automation systems at number of companies.

After having good feedbacks regarding my approaches, I have established a well-structured learning path for my testing team members and started to spread it over the testing community.

In 2005 I entered Software Testing Qualifications Board in Russia and Ukraine (nowadays, RSTQB). Since 2006 I am the president of RSTQB. This non-profit organization acts as a national representative of ISTQB in Russia. It develops glossary, syllabus and certification schemes for software testers and testing area in common.

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