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Ivan Mikheev
Deputy Technical Director @ AGIMA

Any large company at the implementation of a web-project should in some way integrate it with internal accounting systems. Each integration of this kind implies tight interaction between a contractor for the development of the client side with customer IM IT and contains a lot of non-obvious risks. In the report we will cover the following poins:

- Work at large integration projects. Where to start and how to finish;

- Technical documentation on the project: what, who and when;

- Problems of web services, methods of response and ways to eliminate them.

- Project infrastructure: typical layout of system components.

Pavel Petlinsky
System Architect @ Rambler & Co
Monads. Explication.
of Reports

    In the report we will tackle what kind of beast this "Monad" is, and where the beautiful pure world of mathematics breaks down on the peculiarities of programming languages.

    Anatoliy Panov
    Head of R&D @ Lazada

    I joined Lazada 2 years ago, when the first steps towards the microservice architecture were made, but we were still at the very beginning of the journey. During this time, we went from 5 to 60 microservices, written on Golang, bumped heads and gained experience, which I want to share with you.

    I want to talk about how we solved operational problems, such as unified deployment, collection of logs and metrics, request tracking, etc.

    And the most important thing, as we understood it, is that all micro-applications work according to the general plan and our architecture works the way it was intended.

    My report will be interesting to you if you are thinking of starting to build something based on microservice architecture, looking for the ways to solve operational problems or just are interested in the topic of microservices.

    Vasily Vasilkov
    Engineer @ Ecwid

    Distributed systems have several fundamental properties that prevent us from thinking about them in the usual way. I will try, with the example of several basic distributed algorithms, to demonstrate these differences from traditional ‘monolithic’ systems.

    Alexandr Makarov
    Co-author and developer @ Yii Framework

    I'll tell you about OpenSource. What it really is, how I got there, and what has changed comparing to the time I have not got there yet. About problems, fear and hatred, the dissatisfied, time and money.

    Yuriy Vasiyarov
    SVP Engineering @ Lazada

    In this report, I want to highlight the following aspects of development in Golang language:


    - Dependency Management




    -Code style

    -Static code analysis

    -Common mistakes

    -Performance of Golang applications

    -Recruitment of Golang programmers

    Andrey Klyuev
    Lead developer @ Mediasoft
    Alexey Maksimov
    Head of R&D @ MediaSoft

    The global demand for Japanese goods is consistently high; however, the Japanese sites overall do not traded outside the Japanese market due to transaction, delivery and payment problems. 10 years ago, inJapan service was settled to solve this problem, and we will tell you what difficulties had to be encountered in the course of the technical implementation and automation of the site annually sending over 100,000 packages around the world.

    - Automation of search against the major trading sites in Japan

    - Implementation of an automated transaction management system

    - Automation of inventory control

    - Implementation of the micro-service architecture of the project

    - Automation of interaction with the mail of Japan through simulation of user actions

    - Automation of the payment system and online supplier transactions processing

    Konstantin Nazarov
    SRE @ Tarantool

    What if you need to make a fast and not too complicated service, which well-scaled vertically?

    How to avoid unnecessary external queues on redis?

    How to do without gunicorn?

    How to fit everything into one process?

    I'll explain all this with the example of building API Gateway on Python, Flask and Gevent.

    Думаю, что многие, кто по каким-либо причинам стал писать на Go сталкивались с `if err != nil { return err }`. Некоторым (не)повезло и их код состоит из этих проверок чуть ли не целиком. И тут мнения разделяются: одни ссылаются на канонические писания и говорят, что такая проверка ошибок - гарант правильного кода и они счастливы. У других судьба больше похожа на "Мыши плакали, кололись, но продолжали грызть кактус". Мне хочется поделиться решениями часто возникавшими проблемами с кодом в backend'е стартапа DICE.FM. DICE.FM - ведущая платформа по продаже билетов на музыкальные концерты в Великобритании, а я там собственно отвечаю за серверную часть.

    Boris Kuznetsov
    Team leader @ Evrone
    В своем докладе расскажу - как мы почти полностью автоматизировали процесс разработки ФРИИ - как облегчить взаимодействие с QA - как не повторять одно и то же для каждого нового члена команды - расскажу какая боль лежала в основе

    Андрей Сумин
    Технический директор Почты и общ @ ООО "Мэйл.Ру"

    В этом докладе я расскажу, как мы в Почте разрабатывали и внедряли новую систему хранения аттачей из писем. Доклад состоит из трех частей. 1. Я расскажу, как построить систему, которая принимает 80 000 файлов в минуту, на лету вычисляет дубли и сохраняет их. 2. Как для этого организована система хранения метаинформации, чтобы на нее хватило оперативной памяти. 3. Какие нужны инструменты для обеспечения своевременного нахождения проблем в холодных данных. Жесткие диски, к сожалению, не вечны, а данные пользователя терять нельзя.