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Если вы заметили, что эффективность прямой рекламы неуклонно падает, стоимость привлечения нового клиента растет, становится все сложнее вести бизнес рентабельно, то эта секция однозначно для вас.

Многие рынки в России сейчас входят в стадию насыщения и начинают сталкиваться с проблемами, с которыми столкнулись предприниматели на Западе десятки лет назад. Конкуренция в бизнесе становится жестче, клиенты — требовательнее. Классические каналы маркетинга перестают работать. Что делать в такой ситуации?

Сегодня самый рентабельный на Западе способ привлечения и удержания клиентов — контент-маркетинг. Именно контент-маркетинг позволяет в полуавтоматическом режиме выстраивать доверие потенциальных клиентов еще до покупки, стимулировать сарафанное радио, делать повторные продажи и сохранять клиента лояльным в течение многих лет.

В России это направление маркетинга весьма ново. Вот уже несколько лет мы приглашаем самых сильных российских экспертов в области «контент-маркетинг» на нашу секцию, и они делятся своим практическим опытом. Обязательно приходите.


Внимание: Зал "Октябрьский", в котором мы проводим секцию, вмещает всего 150 человек. Лучше занять места заранее.

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Nikolay Matsievsky
Chief Executive Officer @ Airee.International

In my report I will tell you about the experience of the site acceleration service Airi.rf in building a promotion and sales channel through content marketing with specific figures and examples.

We started with the development of the strategy: what content (articles, infographic, video, notes, reviews) we can make on our own or through contractors and which media can be used to host this content. This strategy was entered into the calendar plan and we began to try.

We tried placement in paid sources - the publication of well-known bloggers - it works. But the effect falls exponentially with a drop in coverage: if a daily audience of 10,000 gives up to a hundred sales, then an audience of several thousand (or even less) may not give a single sale.

Then we built a pipeline of writing articles with the help of the agency (mainly translations of foreign materials and transcripts of the video): there was very little, almost linear scalability of the channel. The bottleneck only arises with topics: the area of site acceleration is narrowly professional, and there are very few topics for high-quality technical content. In addition to technical content, of course, we publish content for marketers (for example, case studies: how much the site accelerated in live money). But it is even less presented than technical.

Internal content marketing is represented by a trigger mailing for which we have collected the best articles in three years; regular e-mail distribution in the format of long-reads (this format is the only one that our audience at least somehow reads), service news (Including those with the description of technologies), video manuals, and also records from events. On average, each article ‘fires back’ already within 1-2 months after publication (highly dependent on the site) - and then comes the ‘long tail’ of the return on investment. In total, 2-3 new materials are produced each week, we plan to reach 5-7 Russian-language materials a week in the business season (February-June and September-December) and scale the experience to European markets.

Vladimir Lantsov
Head of Content Marketing Area @ Skobeev&Partners

- Why content marketing is necessary for you, why it is necessary for your customers;

- Content marketing is primarily marketing;

- How to avoid wasting time and money when setting up a business process for content creation;

- Three-stream content marketing strategy

- How to start creating useful content tomorrow with zero budget

Pavel Trubetskov
CMO @ CS-Cart

Let's talk about changes that are taking place in the market now. What to expect, what should a marketer, a director and a business owner prepare for.

Vasily Shabat
Chief Business Development Officer @ UniSender

I will tell you a story about a customer who grew sales using Email Marketing. It will be an insightful story that features essential attributes of drama: optimistic start, suspenseful turning point and happy end in the form of sales :)

Ekaterina Sokolova
Head of Content Marketing Department @ М. Video

Rodion Scriabin
Chief Business Development Officer @ Lifehaker.ru

Started your useful blog, but traffic grows slowly, and the management demands leads? Made a corporate YouTube channel, but the viewing figures are not encouraging? Bought a native integration, but received only acceptance certificate? This report is just for you!

Rodion Scriabin, Chief Business Development Officer at Lifehaker.ru, will tell you step by step how to do content marketing using others, buy the right native integrations and overflow with leads—from concept to achieved KPIs.

Daria Kasatkina
Editor and Marketer @ Amplifr.com

- What tasks are solved by content marketing in a B2B start-up and how to fit it into the sales funnel;

- How to turn a company's blog into a cost-effective small media about SMM and digital marketing;

- How content editors work and why is it good when an editor publishes an article via terminal;

- How to make the content pay off and improve the ROI.

Roman Kezhelis
CEO @ TrendKey

- Where to begin? Automatic series of letters with the highest ROI;

- 5 sets of tested triggers to increase sales in an online store;

- Key points of automatic profit increase and RFM analysis;

- More than 1000 customer references in social networks. Automated collection of feedback;

- Analytics of automatic series of letters.

Timofey Shikolenkov
Marketing Director @ Audiomania