Куратор секции: Николай Фетюхин

Всем привет! Я - Николай Фетюхин, генеральный директор MST и куратор секции Digital. Имея бэкграунд маркетолога, я в 21 год открыл свое собственное агентство, которое сегодня входит в Топ-10 лучших digital-агентств России. Я знаю многое о маркетинге в сети и ежегодно собираю всех “звезд” digital-рынка на “Стачке”.

Этот год не станет исключением! Совместно с экспертами аналитического агентства Tagline мы представим все актуальное и трендовое из мира digital: SMM, креатив, планирование маркетинга, интернет вещей как способ коммуникации, нестандартные коммуникации, а также множество успешных кейсов из первых уст.

Предлагаю вам познакомиться с докладчиками секции и скорее регистрироваться на «Стачку».

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Vitaly Bykov
CEO @ Red Keds

Managing talented people is, first of all, constant self-development. Through self-development you come to leadership. But traditional leadership is replaced by creative leadership. And it has its own laws. You must learn how to create successful ideas, products, creative projects, innovations. And do it regularly with a team of talented people. And this process has its own distinctive principles and laws. Breaking these laws, you quickly lose your position and your company disappears.

Ilya Korneev
CCO @ Affect

What is the business strategy, how to understand and develop the strategy.

— How to understand that you need to learn;

— What is the business strategy without tons of boring words from business coaches.

Implementation of the strategy. How to stop thinking up and begin doing something.

— Where to start and who should do it all;

-How to motivate a team to change or how to share business with the team wotout destroying the business;

-Useful habits to help you not to lose spirit.

The report is based on the real personal case example of introduction of changes in Affect agency.

Nikita Prokhorov
Deputy CEO @ SidorinLab

Finding references to you and your competitor, both affirmative and negative,—how and where.

Dealing with gossip and slander—formally and informally. Strife for affirmative references.

SERM: let’s sweep Yandex and Google clean of unsuitable content.

Sergey Ashmarov
Chief Executive Officer @ Braind

Andrey Anisimov
CEO @ Reaspect

    1. Our understanding of the right performance;
    2. What clients we engaged into a performance and why it was a nightmare for both sides;
    3. What you should prepare (or that the Agency should do) so that a performance was a success;
    4. Shifting from advertising to performance approach that you can implement quickly and ... by yourself.
    • Bonus: free instructions and tools

    Artem Sokolov
    CMO @ InSales

    - Service infrastructure. Automation of business processes through integration;

    - Sales from mobile devices. What you need not to forget on a store's website;

    - Research "What kind of traffic is really selling in small and medium-sized stores of different products";

    - What should be the site of a modern online store;

    - A link between an online and offline stores (pick-up points) in cases and examples.

    Arthur Arsenov
    Art Director @ Looi

    Maksim Yurin
    Co-owner, Chief Strategy Officer @ Little Big Agency

    Who killed Kennedy? Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Where childhood goes? Why do truckers love country music so much? How much Ramensky is paid for top positions in Tagline? And the main thing: what Yurin’s report at Stachka will be about? Those questions have long concerned the humanity. Come and get at least the last one answered.

    Vsevolod Shekhovtsev
    CEO @ April Agency

    What has changed in social media by 2017: promotion features, lack of organic coverage and the impact of formats on the outcome of the work.

    How to set tasks when working in social networks

    Feedback and content - how to work in accordance with business objectives. How to build users feedback and involve employees in it. Content strategy based on audiences, marketing tasks and work adjustments after feedback analysis.

    Senseless metrics in social media. How to measure work efficiency. Number of subscribers, views, covers, and mentions sentiment. Let's consider how various metrics are measured at different sites and why it does not make sense to ‘spawn’ new subscribers.

    Aleksey Rezvanov
    Managing director @ M2H

    — Mobile First and what to do with it;

    — minimalism, and why it is needed;

    — AR/VR (augmented/virtual reality) and what it’s all about;

    — bonus for studios and agencies: how we have gone international.

    Nikolai Fetyukhin
    CEO @ MST
    Yulia Svistunova
    QA Director @ MST

    What it’s like to create the future? Do something that does not yet exist in this world, and something that can make it better?

    We have already got used to the fact that many things in life have gone online: smartphones, smart consumer electronics, cars and so on. To create a real technological product of the future, a special approach is needed that differs ultimately from regular custom engineering.

    The report will discuss what kind of resources, technologies and platforms to choose, how to arrange the work process, and how to assess project risks appropriately.

    Alexey Borodkin
    Head of Analytics Department @ Notamedia

    How it works when the project work is smartly designed: documents, people, processes.

    Risks for a product: typical weak points of the project, where everything can break up.

    An inevitable hole: why it is important to be prepared for having to live not according to sense, but with pain, humiliation and gnashing of teeth - and you can not do anything about it.

    Practical ways of how to create a product in vile circumstances, with bad people, without time and resources.

    Deal with your own conscience: how to reject idealism and begin to finally live.

    Sergei Prokofiev
    Executive Director, Co-owner @ CreativePeople

    A studio is developing from ‘a rock band’ into an ‘orchestra’ (or an ensemble of songs and dances). What if there are ‘growing pains’ and how to deal with them.

    — Setting up minimal team at start-up and scaling to 30—rapid start-up tactic.

    — Custom business processes tailored to a project—endless tuning.

    — Involvement of client’s team—how to manage them.

    — Scrum: round trip.

    — Why do they now write technical specifications prior to sprint.

    Artyom Geller
    CEO @ Lab.Ag

    I will tell you about design. Welcome everyone who is interested in: information architecture, information design, designing user interfaces and navigation systems, as well as data protection.

    Oleg Chulakov
    Art Director @ Oleg Chulakov Studio

    • Humane attitude to design
    • How interfaces create and convey emotions
    • Principles of making products with which people can fall in love

    Prelude: briefing as the basis of relations.

    Process: timing with mutual obligations.

    Culmination: QA-ing and deep fine-tuning.

    Roman Kvartalnov
    Founder & CEO @ ZephyrLab

    Our customers are like us. And what if we looked at the digital company through the eyes of ordinary people who have to make orders for new sites, portals, campaigns. What do they see? Just two weeks ago, our team experienced a change of positioning / repackaging. We want to share our findings and to point five key mistakes.

    Юлия Павлова
    Business Development Director @ All Correct Group

    В докладе будет рассмотрен мировой рынок фитнес-приложений и представлен рейтинг прибыльности рынков. Будут рассмотрены основные показатели рынков, (выручка, прибыльность, ARPU), особенности и будут даны рекомендации по выходу на рынки разных стран на основе данных аналитических компаний и открытых источников.

    Алина Середина
    маркетолог @ PR Sape
    1) Возможности Instagram рекламы на текущее время - объем трафика - статистика Instagam - возможности рекламы в Instagram (фото, видео, сторис, прямой эфир) 2) Как обезопасить рекламную кампанию от мошенников? - Как распознать ботов и накрученных подписчиков. - Как работать безопаснее? (Saas, вручную) 3) Виды заданий для блогеров или как создать «рабочий» пост. - типа заданий (просто картинка, нативная картинка, обзор, продукт плесмент, Buzz) - Как определить целевую аудиторию подписчиков, как это выглядит? - как определить и распределить бюджет

    Региональная студия с 10-ти летнем опытом Жёсткое окружение и конкуренция Постоянные демпинговые цены вокруг Как работать в удовольствие?

    - Выжимаем максимум из Gmail - Ретаргетинг с сегментацией по гендерному признаку - Геолокация в Яндекс.Директ

    Алексей Молчанов
    Основатель компании @ CallbackKILLER

    1. Как я потерял 11 миллионов рублей за 2014 год, продал Mercedes GL 500 и сел на диету из лапши быстрого приготовления;

    2. Как нашли идею сервиса и придумали стратегию выхода с нулевым бюджетом;

    3. Как мы стартанули первый раз и провалились;

    4. Как за ночь пересмотрели стратегию, выкурили 20 кальянов и выпили 200 чашек кофе, а на следующий день запустились и получили 2500 регистраций в сервисе;

    5. Как мы в первый же месяц стали зарабатывать деньги и выбрались из финансовой ямы.

    Кирилл Балахтин
    Директор по развитию @ Buzzoola

    - Что ждет рекламу в будущем?

    - Когда реклама станет неотъемлимой частью VR/AR мира?

    - Как и почему "нэйтив" проникнет в мир дополненной реальности

    - Почему нативная реклама спасет рекламные размещения?