Максим Осягин, куратор секции Графический продакшен


Графический продакшен

Куратор секции: Максим Осягин

Сайты и мобильные приложения, рекламные ролики и кино, презентации и отчеты - практически весь контент мы получаем визуально. Как добиться того, чтобы клиент, открыв презентацию, захотел купить ваше предложение, зритель досидел до конца фильма и потом еще рассказал своим друзьям, как это было круто, а покупатель, посмотрев ваш рекламный ролик, ринулся в магазин?

Лидеры отрасли и мастера своего дела расскажут, какие тренды актуальны в моушн-дизайне, познакомят с инструментами создания качественной инфографики, поделятся хитростями подготовки продающей презентации. Мы расскажем о том, как и где просчитываются сложные 3D-сцены, какие графические пакеты при этом используются и как с ними работать.

Самую красивую секцию конференции я рекомендую посетить не только дизайнерам, арт-директорам и специалистам в области компьютерной графики, она также будет полезна project-менеджерам, руководителям digital-агентств - вы познакомитесь с технологиями, которые сможете применить для своих клиентов! Ну и, конечно, приходите все, кому небезразлична индустрия кино и рекламы, вы увидите, как же это все делается :)

Я руковожу компанией, специализирующейся на компьютерной графике, и готов ответить на интересующие вас вопросы.

Мои контакты:

Arman Yakhin
CEO @ Main Road|Post

"The most terrible events in human history occurred when the mankind faced something unknown..."

How we created effects for the most massive fantasy action movie in Russian cinema history

Andrew Kornev
Editor @ Make It Beautiful magazine

What kind of beast is infographics? What is it eaten with? How to cook it?

- Introductory overview of the infographics.

- Its benefits as a tool for complex data presentation.

- Classification, application fields, examples

- Methods of creating original infographics. Useful resources.

Olga Liberte
Art Director @ Freshmind

    This lecture is for those who make presentations and those who wants presentation to SELL your idea.

  • It is worse to make a speech with bad presentation than tho speak without any presentation at all.
  • What to begin with?
  • Imagine that you are a designer.
  • It is all about a picture.
  • Fonts are important (and where to get them).
  • How to give much information in a beautiful and understandable way – work with infographics.
  • Useful things.

Valentin Dorokhov
CEO @ TurboRender

- How is the work of a render-farm organized? Is it possible to achieve fully automatic tasks?

- Foreign and Russian render-farms: what to pay attention to when choosing;

- The most common problems while working with render-farms and how to avoid them. Analysis of a real case.

Alexander Timofeev
CG Generalist @ focus_red_fox

The most spectacular graphics on our screens is created using Side FX Houdini. Why 3D designers are hesitant to start using Houdini?

Simple methods of work in Houdini;

Creating Houdini assets that will work in any top-end 3D editor.

Ivan Kuksin
CEO @ Blue Ant Web Bureau

- Building large landscapes for architecture visualization and not only;

- Features of working with failing architecture through the landscape;

- Landscape as a constantly changing variable. What if you need to put another house instead of a playground?

Vladimir Shvagir
Motion Designer @ Dalee
Zhenya Silinsky
Designer @ Dalee

- Motion in tenders, mobile applications, websites and other

- Steps in creation of a video: from concept to the render

- Turning a notion into a scenario

- Storyboard and photoscript: the difference between the two and benefits of each.

- What does "comfort style" mean?

- Script reader: friend or foe

- Daily routine of Motion Designer

- And the main thing: presentation of the video

Maxim Sliussarev
owner @ Keyframe Production
  • Who am I?
  • How it feels to work with Mail.ru, Yandex and Miscrosoft, and which of them have the sense of time?
  • A hen or an egg, or why I was ashamed of what I'm taking prizes for, and now I'm not.
  • What it means to create?
  • The philosophy of flow.
  • How to develop imagination before AI seizes your jobs.
  • Everybody lies to you. Everyone tells you the truth.
  • Who are you?

Elijah Ostrikov
CEO @ Guild of Digital Production

1. About trends. The philosophy of beginners and some others.

2. Such a good bad MoDiz.

3. Media brands.

4. Trends. Historical aspect.

5. Overview of trends on the domestic TV market.

6. Trends in trends. What is to wait?

Igor Emelianenko
  • You are dressed up in a tail coat and they're up to their ears in the mud. How can you shoot it?
  • When and what technique you can use to get the result that you want.
  • Nuances of color correction. In fact, that is us who sets the atmosphere.