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Arman Yakhin
CEO @ Main Road|Post

"The most terrible events in human history occurred when the mankind faced something unknown..."

How we created effects for the most massive fantasy action movie in Russian cinema history

Anna Obukhova
Agile Coach @ ScrumTrek
St. Petersburg

The era of management is coming to an end—we work on complex systems which are developed by intellectual people, and in such an environment leadership becomes the only effective management model. But how to become a person who people will follow? How to continue to bear significant responsibility when, ultimately, the only working tool available is the power of personality? And how to boost this power so that it’s clear for everyone that you are the person who can lead to success? And what does Agile have to do with that?

Alexey Natekin
Founder, Firekeeper @ DM Labs, Open Data Science

Many have heard about the impressive successes of Machine Learning and Data Science: while some technologies alter entire industries, others long ago unnoticeably became part of our lives.

However, here's the mishap: excessive attention of press and marketers to the success of common scientists and engineers has created so much information noise, that it became difficult understand what is what.

In this lecture, we will figure out what Machine Learning and Data Science are in general; learn how to ‘cook and eat’ them; and most importantly - what to do to join this feast of life and technology.

Vitaly Bykov
CEO @ Red Keds

Managing talented people is, first of all, constant self-development. Through self-development you come to leadership. But traditional leadership is replaced by creative leadership. And it has its own laws. You must learn how to create successful ideas, products, creative projects, innovations. And do it regularly with a team of talented people. And this process has its own distinctive principles and laws. Breaking these laws, you quickly lose your position and your company disappears.

David Busby
Information Security Architect @ Percona

In this talk we will cover what is an attack surface and what you can do to limit it.

  • Acronym hell what does all these acronyms associated with security products mean and what do they mean?
  • Vulnerability media naming stupidity or driving the message home ?
  • Detection or Prevention avoiding the boy who cried wolf.
  • Emerging technologies to keep an eye on or even implement yourself to help improve your security posture.
  • 2014 -> 2017 what's been going on, why have there been so many compromises ?

Tatiana Tyurina
Head of Business Development @ ООО RITG
Daniil Bazhenov
CTO @ Simtech Development
Aleksey Kolesnikov
Project Manager @ SimbirSoft
Andrei Redkin
Aleksandr Shcherbina
Nikolai Fetyukhin

The issue under discussion is how one can find him or herself in IT-field based on the background and advice of successful IT-business representatives.

Aleksandr Feoktistov
Ex Chief Business Development Officer @ Yandex-Market
  • Performance rising tools 80% businesses fail to use
  • How to measure KPI, and what to expect from the employees in charge of online marketing
  • What challenges can be delegated to the agency, and how to monitor the operating quality
  • A bit of horror from e-commerce practice

Mikhail Rakhmanov
iOS @ Headhunter

History of emergence

Basic concepts and principles

Design of reactive libraries: "under the hood"

Approaches to building architecture (service and presentation layers)

A review of proposed approaches in terms of an open source application

Advantages and disadvantages of reactive programming

Nikolay Matsievsky
Chief Executive Officer @ Airee.International

In my report I will tell you about the experience of the site acceleration service Airi.rf in building a promotion and sales channel through content marketing with specific figures and examples.

We started with the development of the strategy: what content (articles, infographic, video, notes, reviews) we can make on our own or through contractors and which media can be used to host this content. This strategy was entered into the calendar plan and we began to try.

We tried placement in paid sources - the publication of well-known bloggers - it works. But the effect falls exponentially with a drop in coverage: if a daily audience of 10,000 gives up to a hundred sales, then an audience of several thousand (or even less) may not give a single sale.

Then we built a pipeline of writing articles with the help of the agency (mainly translations of foreign materials and transcripts of the video): there was very little, almost linear scalability of the channel. The bottleneck only arises with topics: the area of site acceleration is narrowly professional, and there are very few topics for high-quality technical content. In addition to technical content, of course, we publish content for marketers (for example, case studies: how much the site accelerated in live money). But it is even less presented than technical.

Internal content marketing is represented by a trigger mailing for which we have collected the best articles in three years; regular e-mail distribution in the format of long-reads (this format is the only one that our audience at least somehow reads), service news (Including those with the description of technologies), video manuals, and also records from events. On average, each article ‘fires back’ already within 1-2 months after publication (highly dependent on the site) - and then comes the ‘long tail’ of the return on investment. In total, 2-3 new materials are produced each week, we plan to reach 5-7 Russian-language materials a week in the business season (February-June and September-December) and scale the experience to European markets.

Mikhail Mokeev
CEO @ M-cosmetics

I will share the real experience of a warehouse launch (cell storage, pallet storage), will tell how we made people optimized and reduced errors, and how email marketing gave us 30% increase in sales.

Igor Tsupko
CTO @ Notamedia

The truth about implementation of projects documenting and the documents you do not actually need.

You'll learn what means to use, how to help developers formulate their thoughts and to protect the project from the torturous search for the truth a couple of months after the release.

Is there always-up-to-date working documentation on Internet projects? Let's sort it out.

Andrey Vaganov
Senior front-end developer @ Aggregion

- Show main ideas of Angular 2

- Real work examples

- Redux with Angular 2. Why it's cool and easy?

- Functional reactive programming (FRP) with Angular 2

- Quick start with all of this

Aleksandr Shitikov
Development manager @ AGIMA.Mobile

1. Business logic as a cross-platform module.

2. VIPER. Where does cross-platform interchange start and finish?

3. Android-friendly VIPER. Lifecycle.

4. Development tools.

5. Test methods.

Load testing in Lazada

* How we came to this and why we need it;

* What we use ready-made and what we had to develop ourselves;

* How we analyze test results and what statistics collect;

* Why we trust the results of testing;

* How we shoot on production and do not fear anything;

* What resources are needed to build a load testing system;

* What we want to do in the future.

Maxim Nikitin
Big Boss @

Who the analysts are, what they are doing and why they are needed in the process of developing IT systems. I will tell you:

- the difference between business analysis and system analysis,

- the difference between use-cases of the system and business functions;

- how to link business functions, usage scenarios, interface structures, and data classes into a single model;

- how to use the obtained model of requirements to develop test scenarios;

- how to link the steps of the test script with the requirements to understand what needs to be re-tested when the requirements change.

Based on examples from real projects.

Ilya Korneev
CCO @ Affect

What is the business strategy, how to understand and develop the strategy.

— How to understand that you need to learn;

— What is the business strategy without tons of boring words from business coaches.

Implementation of the strategy. How to stop thinking up and begin doing something.

— Where to start and who should do it all;

-How to motivate a team to change or how to share business with the team wotout destroying the business;

-Useful habits to help you not to lose spirit.

The report is based on the real personal case example of introduction of changes in Affect agency.

Alexander Kirillov
Software engineer @ Evrone

Most web projects have long outgrown the level of monolithic applications and broke into the world of microservices. It's no secret that many developers choose containerization as one of the ways to deploy infrastructure. In my speech I will tell you why we chose Kubernetes, what difficulties we faced and wat solutions we found. Also, speaking in the context of Docker cluster I'll discuss the main points that web developers encounter, and will also address the issue of using the developer-environment based on Docker-containers.

Timur Tokurov
CMO for Media Projects @ Mail.Ru Group

- How often webmasters make changes to the pages

- What meta tags and microcode variants the webmasters consider significant and which ones are not?

- How often sites get fall

Maksim Milyutin
Programmer @ Postgres Professional

Foreign Data Wrapper implementation enables sub-querying remote data sources within the current query. Combined with sharding (using pg_pathman, in particular) this engine allows a distributed store of large tables mostly for hard-case analytic queries.

As part of the master class, this report will demonstrate such a way of a horizontal partition of data in a database, and compare it with the sharding solutions available in PostgreSQL.

Nikolai Chubarov
@ Castle

Offline Mobile JS application in the browser and how to work with it:

- Functions

- Data storage

- Caching

- Updates

- Browser support

  • Notes on the specifics of practical implementation of some network attacks.

Aleksandr Shcherbina

Aleksey Rybakov
Senior Engineer, Technical Evang @ DataArt

An outline of AR/MR/VR and industry trends

Let’s talk about what Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Google Daydream are like, and what are the similarities and differences from the point of view of the programmer

And—what SDK/Tool may be used along with them

Ivan Nikitin
Director Coach @ Ivan Nikitin & Co.

Тезисы доклада В докладе рассматриваются методики поисковой оптимизации и повышения органического трафика, а также наиболее важные изменения в поисковых системах, которые уже произошли или прогнозируются нами в 2017 году. Темы доклада 1. Обзор нововведений в поисковых системах 2. Изменения и действенные методики усиления трафика Яндекс 3. Изменения и действенные методики усиления трафика Google 4. Рассмотрения практического кейса повышения трафика сайта на 30% за месяц Ответы на вопросы