Business Instruments, E-commerce, Going Online and Integration, Start-ups for businesses aimed to develop in highly competitive environment.


Aleksandr Feoktistov
Ex Chief Business Development Officer @ Yandex-Market
  • Performance rising tools 80% businesses fail to use
  • How to measure KPI, and what to expect from the employees in charge of online marketing
  • What challenges can be delegated to the agency, and how to monitor the operating quality
  • A bit of horror from e-commerce practice

Mikhail Mokeev
CEO @ M-cosmetics

I will share the real experience of a warehouse launch (cell storage, pallet storage), will tell how we made people optimized and reduced errors, and how email marketing gave us 30% increase in sales.

Dmitriy Kantarovich
E-commerce Director @ kover.ru

Stages of creating an Internet marketing strategy:

- Exploring the market

- Analyzing the company

- Performing competitive analysis

- Studying the target audience

- Analyzing the behavior patterns and customer purchases

- Creating a media plan

- Forming a sales plan

- Planning the organizational structure

Drawing conclusions and understanding why we need an Internet marketing strategy.

Stepan Zaytsev
CEO @ Internet Marketing Workshop
  • Overview of jobs, their duties and salaries.
  • When you need to recruit, and when not.
  • Features of employment.

Anastasia Bogoslovskaya
Account Manager @ Yandex.Market

Nikolay Kurbatov
CRM Consultant @ Acronis

1. Do you know the situation with duplicate data in the CRM-system? 2. Managers do not want to monitor the quality of data in the CRM-system? 3. Employees do not understand the benefits of entering data into the CRM-system? 4. Reports that you download from the CRM-system do not correspond to reality? If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, come to listen to my report – you will learn about my experience to improve the quality of data in the CRM system.

Denis Prokhorov
Director @ Reporting Center
Sergey Muzykantov
Project Manager @ LiteBox
Kamil Kalimullin

Discussion of important changes in 54-FZ:

- How to deal with an on-line store appropriately having a retail store;
- Fiscal Data Operators.

Ksenia Rodionova
Head of platform development @ myToys.ru

  • The pros and cons of external solutions.
  • How to calculate the effects of tools. Expectations and reality.
  • The pitfalls of integrations with examples: internal search, recommender system, A/B split testing and personalization

Dmitriy Korobittsyn
Owner @ Supplier of Happiness

1. What is True Drop Shipping? Unfortunately, many play with concepts: to some, DS is still

tightly bound to China shopping... I will tell you what True Drop Shipping really is in Russian


2. Who needs Drop Shipping? The number of online stores that use Drop Shipping is

growing. I will tell about what competitive advantages the DS model offers to an on-line store

and to a supplier.

3. Why do online stores like Drop Shipping? The case of Elena Berkova, from

0 to 1,000,000 Russian Rubles in eight months. Elena Berkova is one of our DS clients. I asked

Lena to tell how she had set up her adult on-line store and why she was interested in Drop


4. What are the benefits Drop Shipping offers to a supplier? DS clients pay on time

and hardly ever leave. The rate of conversion from a request for partnership to a steady-working

wholesale client is 10 times higher than elsewhere.

5. The case of Supplier of Happiness

launching a DS project. Full automation of processes. Our turnover has grown three times. Drop

Shipping accounts for 70% of our turnover. DS model has become the platform for the launch of

the FIRE project. Status of the No.1 e-commerce supplier in the adult product niche.

6. How to launch Drop Shipping? What an existing supplier or distributor would need to launch Drop

Shipping? We will discuss technical and organizational issues associated with launch. I will tell

about the pitfalls, and show an easy way to tackle all the challenges.

Evgeniy Chernov
Co-owner @ ParketMe

How three singularities merged: a flooring seller, a seo-specialist and a evangelist

Pain and suffering. Mental transformation from service contractor to seller of goods.

Evolution of the idea. Building the processes: online store—own brand—production—show room and stocking materials

No more drama, just listen to your mama. Everything for traffic and conversion. How we nearly killed each other arguing about the needs of the target audience.

Challenges of building the service as the key to distinction from the competition.

Future plans—why we are going to prevail?

Olga Lukashevich
Chief Marketing Officer @ THStore.ru
Marina Bykova
Charged Traffic Manager @ Quick Advertising

Differences of contextual advertising for a single-brand.

Failed experiments with paid tools.

Marketing with offline activities.

PR for a brand.

Sergey Muzykantov
Project Manager @ LiteBox

1. 54-FZ in retail and Internet commerce in the nearest years.

2. How the new law will affect traditional retail: advantages and disadvantages for business.

3. Changes in e-commerce, integration of a cash solution and an online store.

4. What penalties may be imposed for non-compliance with the law?

5. What is the future for online and offline retail?

Stephan Cheltsov
CEO @ "First Internet Project"
Master class involves cases of implementing easy and simple solutions.

Key topics:

  • Roles of team members;
  • Who can coordinate several positions and what can be coordinated;
  • What instruments will help;
  • How to set tasks;
And how your business can benefit from it.

Dmitriy Sverdlov
Founder @ blagochestie.ru

Vasily Fedoseev
E-Commerce Director @ Hobby Center
  • Types of Information Systems
  • Integration options
  • Underlying IT Architecture of Online Store
  • External infrastructure integrations
  • External marketing integrations

Timofey Shikolenkov
Marketing Director @ Audiomania
  • Зачем мы 10 лет назад создали собственную систему веб-аналитики
  • Современная веб-аналитика в мультиканальном мире (как по отношению к рекламным каналам, так и каналам взаимодействия с клиентом)
  • Главные преимущества нашей веб-аналитики перед традиционной
  • Идеально точный колл-трекинг без подмены телефонов и дополнительных расходов
  • Отслеживание онлайн-источников оффлайн продаж
  • Как сделать такие инструменты своими руками

Ekaterina Skrypnik
CEO @ Business Information Systems Group

1. What way the federal strategy is better than the regional;

2. What to consider before going to other regions;

3. Which regions are worth entering, and which are not;

4. Digital and remote customer service technologies replace personal communication;

5. Features sales organization in the SME segment;

6. Features of sales organization in the corporate segment;

7. Technologies of industrial espionage or how to find out everything about competitors.

Denis Prokhorov
Director @ Reporting Center

Who will be affected by the new rules. When some of statutes of the Federal Law will become effective.

New framework for settlements with cash and “electronic” money.

Submission of receipts to Fiscal Data Operators and local Tax Offices.

New requirements for receipts. Procedures for registration and use of cash register equipment.

Settlements in trade. Specifics of Internet settlements.

Responsibility for violation of the new rules.

Александр Грибанов
генеральный директор @ IT-Studio

Проект уже запущен и приносит прибыль - где найти резервы для нового рывка вперед?

Изучать, но не заимствовать - что полезного можно взять из анализа конкурентов, и как не потерять "лицо".

Что хотят покупатели? Где взять и как интерпретировать информацию от пользователей.

Дорабатывать или перезапускать - критерии выбора, подсчет затрат, предполагаемая эффективность.

Когда редизайн приносит деньги? Как небольшие корректировки в сумме могут дать увеличение продаж в 1,5 раза.

Влияет ли стиль проекта на продажи.

Помним о людях с "той стороны" - как снизить трудозатраты на обработку заказов без сложных внедрений и CRM.

Переведем в цифры: калькуляция затрат и подсчет прибылей.

На примере перезапуска магазина ювелирных изделий jumagazin.ru

Андрей Юкин
Руководитель отдела автоматизаци @ retailCRM

- Пример внедрения CRM для роста повторных продаж

- Автоматизация обработки заказов цветочного магазина

- Управление комплектацией заказов в CRM системе

Константин Сокол
Руководитель отдела интернет-маркетинга @ KISLOROD
▪ реальные историй о том, как предприниматели непреднамеренно убивают свои интернет-магазины; ▪ разбор ошибок и как их можно было избежать.

Sergey Kuleshov
Deputy CEO @ 1C-Bitrix

It seems that it is enough just to process orders in time to ship goods in the online store. Most manage it quite normally.

But if “normally” is not enough for you, if you are constantly looking for new opportunities and tools for the "excellent" and ready to introduce modern technology without going broke, you need to find out:

- More information about the benefits of CRM in the online store, find out the scenarios;

- What methods of communication with the client are the most convenient and up to date, and will not overload your personnel;

- Fine features of quality automation and repeat sales.

Сергей Разин
директор @ видОК
- 10 лет преимуществ с помощью автоматизации бизнеса - роль Битрикс24 в автоматизации - философия Бизнес24 - примеры внедрения , кейс-огонь