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Arman Yakhin
CEO @ Main Road|Post

"The most terrible events in human history occurred when the mankind faced something unknown..."

How we created effects for the most massive fantasy action movie in Russian cinema history

Vitaly Bykov
CEO @ Red Keds

Managing talented people is, first of all, constant self-development. Through self-development you come to leadership. But traditional leadership is replaced by creative leadership. And it has its own laws. You must learn how to create successful ideas, products, creative projects, innovations. And do it regularly with a team of talented people. And this process has its own distinctive principles and laws. Breaking these laws, you quickly lose your position and your company disappears.

Nikolay Matsievsky
Chief Executive Officer @ Airee.International

In my report I will tell you about the experience of the site acceleration service Airi.rf in building a promotion and sales channel through content marketing with specific figures and examples.

We started with the development of the strategy: what content (articles, infographic, video, notes, reviews) we can make on our own or through contractors and which media can be used to host this content. This strategy was entered into the calendar plan and we began to try.

We tried placement in paid sources - the publication of well-known bloggers - it works. But the effect falls exponentially with a drop in coverage: if a daily audience of 10,000 gives up to a hundred sales, then an audience of several thousand (or even less) may not give a single sale.

Then we built a pipeline of writing articles with the help of the agency (mainly translations of foreign materials and transcripts of the video): there was very little, almost linear scalability of the channel. The bottleneck only arises with topics: the area of site acceleration is narrowly professional, and there are very few topics for high-quality technical content. In addition to technical content, of course, we publish content for marketers (for example, case studies: how much the site accelerated in live money). But it is even less presented than technical.

Internal content marketing is represented by a trigger mailing for which we have collected the best articles in three years; regular e-mail distribution in the format of long-reads (this format is the only one that our audience at least somehow reads), service news (Including those with the description of technologies), video manuals, and also records from events. On average, each article ‘fires back’ already within 1-2 months after publication (highly dependent on the site) - and then comes the ‘long tail’ of the return on investment. In total, 2-3 new materials are produced each week, we plan to reach 5-7 Russian-language materials a week in the business season (February-June and September-December) and scale the experience to European markets.

Ilya Korneev
CCO @ Affect

What is the business strategy, how to understand and develop the strategy.

— How to understand that you need to learn;

— What is the business strategy without tons of boring words from business coaches.

Implementation of the strategy. How to stop thinking up and begin doing something.

— Where to start and who should do it all;

-How to motivate a team to change or how to share business with the team wotout destroying the business;

-Useful habits to help you not to lose spirit.

The report is based on the real personal case example of introduction of changes in Affect agency.

Timur Tokurov
CMO for Media Projects @ Mail.Ru Group

- How often webmasters make changes to the pages

- What meta tags and microcode variants the webmasters consider significant and which ones are not?

- How often sites get fall

Ivan Nikitin
Director Coach @ Ivan Nikitin & Co.

Тезисы доклада В докладе рассматриваются методики поисковой оптимизации и повышения органического трафика, а также наиболее важные изменения в поисковых системах, которые уже произошли или прогнозируются нами в 2017 году. Темы доклада 1. Обзор нововведений в поисковых системах 2. Изменения и действенные методики усиления трафика Яндекс 3. Изменения и действенные методики усиления трафика Google 4. Рассмотрения практического кейса повышения трафика сайта на 30% за месяц Ответы на вопросы

Roman Bulatov
CEO @ Colary

Giving up contextual advertising. Limitations of MFO advertising, alternative steps:

- Minimizing the cost of the application through organics, resurrecting SEO;

- Micro adjustment of the work at marketing, SEO and production departments for the maximum result;

Speed means everything, day-to-day struggle for people.

Andrew Kornev
Editor @ Make It Beautiful magazine

What kind of beast is infographics? What is it eaten with? How to cook it?

- Introductory overview of the infographics.

- Its benefits as a tool for complex data presentation.

- Classification, application fields, examples

- Methods of creating original infographics. Useful resources.

Nikita Prokhorov
Deputy CEO @ SidorinLab

Finding references to you and your competitor, both affirmative and negative,—how and where.

Dealing with gossip and slander—formally and informally. Strife for affirmative references.

SERM: let’s sweep Yandex and Google clean of unsuitable content.

Stepan Zaytsev
CEO @ Internet Marketing Workshop

Review of surveys and application methods. No extra information, only benefits for managers in order to understand business data and to manage contractors.

Dmitry Burov
Evangelist @ myTarget (Mail.Ru Group)
  • Remarketing using CRM data
  • Directly from subway to a cafe—local advertising
  • Personalization of advertising for offline retail
  • Look-alike technologies

Olga Liberte
Art Director @ Freshmind

    This lecture is for those who make presentations and those who wants presentation to SELL your idea.

  • It is worse to make a speech with bad presentation than tho speak without any presentation at all.
  • What to begin with?
  • Imagine that you are a designer.
  • It is all about a picture.
  • Fonts are important (and where to get them).
  • How to give much information in a beautiful and understandable way – work with infographics.
  • Useful things.

Pavel Ivanov

1. Avito Context System: a review of capabilities.

2. Requirements for feeds, promotional offer

3. Placement and rates management.

4. Misconceptions of Avito:

- useless non-convertible traffic;

- sells only substandard products;

5. Cases.

Sergey Ashmarov
Chief Executive Officer @ Braind

Sergey Yurkov
Head of SEO Department @ Pixel Plus

When classical methods of website promotion do not give a result:

• Top reasons for the lack of positive dynamics for positions and traffic;

• Ways to identify significant obstacles causing the lack of SEO results at the early stages;

• Developing an algorithm of actions for ‘sticking requests’ and bring the project from stagnation;

• Correct monitoring of the work effect for a time interval in conditions of SERP instability.

Valentin Dorokhov
CEO @ TurboRender

- How is the work of a render-farm organized? Is it possible to achieve fully automatic tasks?

- Foreign and Russian render-farms: what to pay attention to when choosing;

- The most common problems while working with render-farms and how to avoid them. Analysis of a real case.

Vladimir Lantsov
Head of Content Marketing Area @ Skobeev&Partners

- Why content marketing is necessary for you, why it is necessary for your customers;

- Content marketing is primarily marketing;

- How to avoid wasting time and money when setting up a business process for content creation;

- Three-stream content marketing strategy

- How to start creating useful content tomorrow with zero budget

Andrey Anisimov
CEO @ Reaspect

    1. Our understanding of the right performance;
    2. What clients we engaged into a performance and why it was a nightmare for both sides;
    3. What you should prepare (or that the Agency should do) so that a performance was a success;
    4. Shifting from advertising to performance approach that you can implement quickly and ... by yourself.
    • Bonus: free instructions and tools

    Artem Sokolov
    CMO @ InSales

    - Service infrastructure. Automation of business processes through integration;

    - Sales from mobile devices. What you need not to forget on a store's website;

    - Research "What kind of traffic is really selling in small and medium-sized stores of different products";

    - What should be the site of a modern online store;

    - A link between an online and offline stores (pick-up points) in cases and examples.

    Yuri Batievsky
    @ Antop

    - True effectiveness of an advertising medium

    - How to determine size of a medium

    - How to determine size of a medium

    - Linking contractors to KPI

    - What is needed for work with CPO or ROI

    Konstantin Abdullin
    Technology Officer and SEO-expert @ SEO.RU

    A step-by-step case study of website relocation to a new CMS, new domain or https protocol without a loss of position in organic search and traffic.

    Topics covered:

    - why do they think that a relocation means headache for a SEO-specialist;

    - what should be considered prior to and during the relocation;

    - typical issues that arise from the change of CMS, domain or protocol;

    - SSL certificates: how to choose for your website;

    - examples of how relocations should be and shouldn’t be relocated.

    Yuriy Khait
    SEM Director @ SREDA Digital

    - Research on anchor lists (internal relinking and exchange market links)

    - Methodology of internal and external anchor lists separation

    - How typical links from links exchange work

    Pavel Trubetskov
    CMO @ CS-Cart

    Let's talk about changes that are taking place in the market now. What to expect, what should a marketer, a director and a business owner prepare for.

    Alexander Timofeev
    CG Generalist @ focus_red_fox

    The most spectacular graphics on our screens is created using Side FX Houdini. Why 3D designers are hesitant to start using Houdini?

    Simple methods of work in Houdini;

    Creating Houdini assets that will work in any top-end 3D editor.