Aleksandr Serbul

Head of Integration and Implementations Quality Control @ 1C-Bitrix


Aleksandr has been supervising Integration and Implementations Quality Control at 1C-Bitrix LLC since 2011, being extensively involved, both as an architect and an expert developer, in the company’s projects addressing artificial intelligence and neural networks, high load and fault tolerance (Bitrix24), consulting partners and clients on High-Loaded Solutions Architecture, effective use of 1C-Bitrix technology clustering products in the context of present-day cloud services (Amazon Web Services and others), implementation of recommender systems and AI in e-stores using 1C-Bitrix: Site Management platform.

Aleksandr is passionate about unix philosophy, flexible software development methodologies, system analysis and design, mathematics, computer science, distributed algorithms and clusters, machine learning and neural networks as well as their effective use for resolving practical issues of clients as quickly as possible.

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