Agile + waterfall, есть жизнь на Марсе?


Как был сделан крупный проект для РФ по запуску новой версии видео сервиса для телеком оператора входящего в тройку лидеров телеком рынка В данном докладе я хочу рассказать осовные управленческие кейсы, которые помогли нам добится успеха, а также раскрыть свой опыт успешного применения артефактов из Agile и waterfall.
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ER-Telecom is a leading independent telecom services provider in Russia. 12% share of the cable TV market, 11% share of the broadband internet access market with 7M of subscribers. My responsibility is developing and uploading to Russian market new platform of TV product with included live TV and video on demand services. The project is consist of: - 4 client platforms – Set Top Box based on Linux, Set Top Box based on Android, Smart TV application for Samsung и LG TV’s, mobile applications for iOS and Android, web site - 10+ information tech systems in ER-Telecom environment - 5 countries in the project - 50+ experts in the team - 600к+ active users My role and the achievements in the project: - research and design of software and hardware for Set-Top-Box platform – the cost of Set Top Box was halved without user experience degradation - validation of business requirements in project – functional weight was reduced by 15% - design of main blocks for tech information systems – the new platform was developed, integrated and uploaded - risk management – the new platform was uploaded according to schedule, 15% of the budget was saved - hired 10+ key technical experts according to culture fit methodology - implementation of KPI for technical systems for improving the quality of service to the next level see more